Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Love Nougies

No, not the ones your big brother gives you. The ones you eat!

I have been sugar free for 8 years. That is a sad and boring way to live, and so I bless the scientist that invented Splenda. Since Splenda hit the market, there has been a huge increase in the availability of tolerable sugar-free goodies. I fancy myself a connoiseur of sorts.

My latest crave-monster is Russell Stover's Nougie Nutty Chew. It's a bit of a misnomer. Although the description says "Peanuts and Caramel on a Layer of Nougat Covered with Chocolate Candy," I have yet to eat one (out of about 400 I've now eaten) that has a recognizable peanut in it. That's good. I don't mind peanuts if they have enough caramel and/or chocolate around them, but I like the nougie part best. Go get some. They're good. They're at Wal-Mart.

Other Russell Stover goodies are their Mint Patty and the Coconut and the Orange and Strawberry Truffles. Their Pecan Delights are too sweet and hurt my teeth. I prefer Nestle's Turtles (the pecan ones).

Tootsie Roll just came out with sugar-free mini Tootsie Pops. Don't bother. They have a bitter aftertaste. And don't even think of trying the Russell Stover's sugar-free Orange Slices . They are disgusting.

My favorite cookies are Pepperidge Farms SF Mint Milanos and SF Oreos. I like to take two Oreos, place a hunk of banana between them, and squish it into a banana/Oreo sandwich. Yum.

Kroger has a yummy SF ice cream sandwich; Fudgesicle brand fudgesicles are really good, as are the Popsicle brand red and orange popsicles. The grape ones are not wonderful.

Sugar-free ice cream doesn't usually taste very good--too grainy and has a funky aftertaste. I haven't had a good banana split in ages. But Dreyer's just came out with some new & improved flavors. I tried Fudge Tracks. Heaven! Except the teeny peanut butter cups taste weird. I just pick them out. The other day I put a perfectly ripe banana in a bowl, added three scoops of SF Fudge Tracks, some crushed up SF chocolate cookies, a couple of Nougies, all topped with some SF chocolate syrup. It was sooooo good.

I'm making myself hungry. Bye.

Good Intentions

Well, when I started this blog back in January, I thought it was a really good idea and it would "force" me to write creatively.

Ehnnn! (obnoxious noise signifying "wrong answer")

I'm experiencing a bit of growth at work, and it is keeping me extremely busy. Which is fine. I love what I do. Mostly. But my heart yearns to write, to create--and that's hard to do when you're feeling pressured to do other, more practical things. By the time I finish work and do the mom thing, I'm pooped and my brain feels like sludge.

So, busy as I am, what do I do? I sign up for BIAW* which starts on Monday. That's the equivalent of putting out a house fire with a hose hooked to a hydrant of gasoline.

But life never gets any slower. There's always something popping up to fill your available time. So if I'm going to be too busy, I might as well be too busy doing the things I love.

*BIAW is Book In A Week. This one is sponsored by I did one in January and it was really fun. I wrote more creative fiction in that one week than I've written in the past 10 years.