Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Love Nougies

No, not the ones your big brother gives you. The ones you eat!

I have been sugar free for 8 years. That is a sad and boring way to live, and so I bless the scientist that invented Splenda. Since Splenda hit the market, there has been a huge increase in the availability of tolerable sugar-free goodies. I fancy myself a connoiseur of sorts.

My latest crave-monster is Russell Stover's Nougie Nutty Chew. It's a bit of a misnomer. Although the description says "Peanuts and Caramel on a Layer of Nougat Covered with Chocolate Candy," I have yet to eat one (out of about 400 I've now eaten) that has a recognizable peanut in it. That's good. I don't mind peanuts if they have enough caramel and/or chocolate around them, but I like the nougie part best. Go get some. They're good. They're at Wal-Mart.

Other Russell Stover goodies are their Mint Patty and the Coconut and the Orange and Strawberry Truffles. Their Pecan Delights are too sweet and hurt my teeth. I prefer Nestle's Turtles (the pecan ones).

Tootsie Roll just came out with sugar-free mini Tootsie Pops. Don't bother. They have a bitter aftertaste. And don't even think of trying the Russell Stover's sugar-free Orange Slices . They are disgusting.

My favorite cookies are Pepperidge Farms SF Mint Milanos and SF Oreos. I like to take two Oreos, place a hunk of banana between them, and squish it into a banana/Oreo sandwich. Yum.

Kroger has a yummy SF ice cream sandwich; Fudgesicle brand fudgesicles are really good, as are the Popsicle brand red and orange popsicles. The grape ones are not wonderful.

Sugar-free ice cream doesn't usually taste very good--too grainy and has a funky aftertaste. I haven't had a good banana split in ages. But Dreyer's just came out with some new & improved flavors. I tried Fudge Tracks. Heaven! Except the teeny peanut butter cups taste weird. I just pick them out. The other day I put a perfectly ripe banana in a bowl, added three scoops of SF Fudge Tracks, some crushed up SF chocolate cookies, a couple of Nougies, all topped with some SF chocolate syrup. It was sooooo good.

I'm making myself hungry. Bye.


Kenna said...

LOL that's a good dessert! You should have taken a picture for us all to see! (all of us)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of sf Oreos, do you get them at Wal-Mart? And banana's with Oreos? I'll have to try that!

KB said...

Yes, I got them at Wal-Mart. They seem to have the best selection. Although Walgreens is a close second--but they don't have the cookies.

And I found Splenda BROWN SUGAR at Wal-Mart on Saturday. Now I can make by favorite cake--chocolate pudding cake.

KB said...

Update: Just tried the Klondike brand Slim-A-Bear ice cream sandwiches. :p bleck! splat! yuck!

KB said...

You don't think any of these companies will sue me for saying their products taste icky, do you? I mean, Oprah got sued for saying she didn't want to eat hamburger anymore. But then, I guess I don't have as much clout as Oprah. So maybe I'm safe. :)

KB said...

Okay, so I was really bored, but too sick to work much today, so I decided to make links to all these yummies for you.

Here's something funny. I can't find the Nougie Nutty Chews on the Russell Stover website. I googled sugar free nougie, nougie nutty chew. Nothing.

Then I put in the full name and only one hit comes up. This blog! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Googled nougie nutty c, which is all that was left on the empty bag of nougie's. So glad I kept the bag or I would have thought they were a figment. This is the only site that came up. Can't find them anywhere close to home. Hope to get back to Wal-Mart and see if that is where I found them. yummy. cj