Friday, May 26, 2006

Nougie Update!

So I decided to let Russell Stover's know about all this FREE advertisment I've given to their new product "Nougie Nutty Chew." As far as I can tell, I'm their ONLY advertising. If you google "nougie nutty chew" this blog site is the ONLY thing that comes up. I thought maybe they'd be so grateful they'd offer me a case of nougies, or a couple of free bags, or even just a cents off coupon. But No! Just a thank you very much. (maybe they were mad because I dissed their fake Turtles and the Orange Slices??) Here's their reply:

Dear Ms. Browning:
Thank you for recently contacting us. It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers whether it is to praise or in offering their comments and/or suggestions.

We are sorry, but the Sugar Free Nougie Nutty Chew is not available on our website. This product is pnly available at Walmart stores.

Thank you again for contacting us, and we hope you continue to enjoy our candies.

Russell Stover Candies Consumer
Service 800-777-4028

Okay, so here's what I want all of you dear, dear readers to do.

First, go to Wal-Mart and buy a bag of the Nougie Nutty Chew. (If you shop at the PG/Lindon, UT Wal-Mart, you might be out of luck. I clean them out every time I go.)

Try them.

If you absolutely love them, e-mail Russell Stovers at

Tell them how much you love this product. That you would have never even known about it if you hadn't read about it on my blog. That you would have never been able find the product if I hadn't so graciously informed you that they were at Wal-Mart. And that you hope they realize what a big deal my one-woman advertising campaign has been, because of course, based on my blog, you've told all your friends about nougies, and they love them too. And gee, don't they think they should send me a year's supply* of Nougie Nutty Chews for my time????

Then cc your e-mail to me at If they send me anything, I'll split it with the first 3 people who let me know they've acted on this. (I originally put the first 10 people, but I really LOVE these nougies and if they only send me one bag, I want to make sure I get several nougies for myself.)

I wonder what will happen...

*btw, I'm going through 2 or 3 bags a week, so a year's supply would be 100-150 bags.

Monday, May 22, 2006

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I just got back from visiting the Southern Virginia University Campus. Deep in the Shenandoah Valley, it's like heaven. The campus is really old and beautiful. You can hear the echoes of students past in the halls, feel the love of learning that emanates from the handcrafted woodwork. It made my heart sing--and revived a long forgotten dream of teaching.

I publish LDS homeschool curriculum (among other things) and I was there for the LDSEHE homeschool convention. Networking with other vendors, talking to homeschool parents--particularly the newbies--that made my heart sing too.

I believe in homeschool. I was blessed to homeschool my children for 6 glorious months--having them with me full time, learning and growing and creating together, experiencing the intense joy I found in communing with those four unique souls--that felt like heaven and my heart sang then, too.

When I had to put my precious children back into public school, I refused to let go of the homeschool dream. Although circumstances combined to make homeschool impossible for me, I still believed in it with all my heart. When I was commissioned to write curriculum for the public school system, I made sure that my books could be used easily in homeschools too. I found some peace in creating products that would help and support parents who could homeschool, even if I could not.

But I haven't written any homeschool curriculum in many years. My time has been absorbed in the process of making a living. My attention goes to the area of most urgent demand. I had forgotten how much I loved this. All last week, as I mingled with other vendors and discussed homeschool curriculum ideas, projects and possibilities, my heart just sang and sang and sang--one aria after another.

I came home from Virginia filled with a divine discontent over the quality of my work day. So much of it is spent in things that drag my heart down. Facing a Monday morning and work as usual was just too much for me. My heart stopped singing. My heart began to cry.

And so I have made a decision. I do not know how I'm going to do it. And I do not know when. Nor do I know what it will end up looking like. But I am committed to changing my life so that I can spend the majority of my work day doing the things that make my heart sing.

I'm starting a choir of heart singers. Want to join? There are only two requirements:

1.) A desire to change

2.) The answer to the question: What makes your heart sing? (If you want to share, please post what makes your heart sing in the comments trail.)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free E-News

Spreading the word about two fabulous weekly e-newsletters: FFWSmallMarkets (link to sample issue) and FundsForWriters (link to sample issue), both sponsored by Funds for Writers (link to main webpage).

Each issue contains:
  • An article by Hope Clark, the editor
  • An Article of the Week--something about writing
  • Then huge lists of: Grants, Award, Contests, Jobs and Markets

Every single issue has something that I can use. For example, this site was one of the listings in the latest newsletter: The Dabbling Mum. It looks really interesting. I can think of maybe 2 dozen articles that I could write and submit.

Hope Clark also has two other websites that are filled with good info:
The Shy Writer and her blog, C. Hope Clark.

Just thought I'd share this info with my fellow ink splashers.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

La-la-la! I've Got UB Chi!

Today is a happy day. I smell yummy and my hair looks incredible!

Sunday my daughter, the entrepreneur, came over and we had an Urban Botanic party . (UB is her company that she thought of when she was still in her teens, and has just this year turned it into a booming reality. And my sole purpose in life is to shamelessly promote her endeavor.)

All of my girls and I created some unique and yummy scents for summer. I made a shower gel and lotion called "5 o'clock Somewhere" that is a perfect pina colada scent. I also made a gel and lotion I called "Raspberry Macaroon." It smells like a raspberry flavored, coconut cookie. Both smell so yummy I want to eat them.

And here's another plug--I haven't been able to wear scented products in over 20 years (since I was pregnant with said daughter). I have scent allergies and all perfumes give me a raging headache. But not these. It has to do with the natural ingredients used; and the unnatural ingredients avoided.

If you are interested in making your own personal scented products, check out her website. And have a party, they're really loads of fun! Or you could even become a scent consultant. U.B. is going gangbusters in Utah, but is still expanding. You could be the first scent consultant in your state!

As to my hair, also on Sunday, my kids gave me an early Mothers Day present, the Chi flat iron. And you should see me. My hair is flipping all over the place, exactly like I want it too. Me--the totally inept, can barely part my hair in a straight line, the last person to notice fashion trends, I hate days when I have to wear make-up, person! Hah!

The Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron (for silk smooth hair) heats up in an instant. It's easy to use. It will straighten, curl, flip, style. A versatile "all in one" ergonomic design, professional salon model. (Got all that off the box.) Anyway, I have no vested interest in the success of the Farouk Systems company which makes the Chi. I just like it.

Now I'm so happy, I think I'll actually go do some work today. La-la-la! (That's me singing.)