Tuesday, May 02, 2006

La-la-la! I've Got UB Chi!

Today is a happy day. I smell yummy and my hair looks incredible!

Sunday my daughter, the entrepreneur, came over and we had an Urban Botanic party . (UB is her company that she thought of when she was still in her teens, and has just this year turned it into a booming reality. And my sole purpose in life is to shamelessly promote her endeavor.)

All of my girls and I created some unique and yummy scents for summer. I made a shower gel and lotion called "5 o'clock Somewhere" that is a perfect pina colada scent. I also made a gel and lotion I called "Raspberry Macaroon." It smells like a raspberry flavored, coconut cookie. Both smell so yummy I want to eat them.

And here's another plug--I haven't been able to wear scented products in over 20 years (since I was pregnant with said daughter). I have scent allergies and all perfumes give me a raging headache. But not these. It has to do with the natural ingredients used; and the unnatural ingredients avoided.

If you are interested in making your own personal scented products, check out her website. And have a party, they're really loads of fun! Or you could even become a scent consultant. U.B. is going gangbusters in Utah, but is still expanding. You could be the first scent consultant in your state!

As to my hair, also on Sunday, my kids gave me an early Mothers Day present, the Chi flat iron. And you should see me. My hair is flipping all over the place, exactly like I want it too. Me--the totally inept, can barely part my hair in a straight line, the last person to notice fashion trends, I hate days when I have to wear make-up, person! Hah!

The Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron (for silk smooth hair) heats up in an instant. It's easy to use. It will straighten, curl, flip, style. A versatile "all in one" ergonomic design, professional salon model. (Got all that off the box.) Anyway, I have no vested interest in the success of the Farouk Systems company which makes the Chi. I just like it.

Now I'm so happy, I think I'll actually go do some work today. La-la-la! (That's me singing.)


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