Wednesday, June 14, 2006

UB Site Updated

My daughter just updated her company's website--the new and improved Urban Botanic. You can now take her fun personality test to determine what your scent personality is.

And if you want to see how absolutely gorgeous my daughter is, here's the About Us page which has her photo and tells a little about her and the company.

My assistant, Sandra, is also an Urban Botanic scent consultant. (Yes, McKenna and I have had some long conversations about her stealing my key employee...) If you think you might want to have a party or be a scent consultant, access the website through Sandra's link. I want to support her in this, even if it means she might someday leave my employ. I mean, if I have to lose her, I'd just as soon lose her to a company/product that I wholeheartedly support, right?

Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE to read an earlier post about Urban Botanic.

P.S. So McKenna called me up and said thanks for the promo, Mom, but take off the link to go look at my photo on the About Me page of my site because that is just vain and obnoxious and like the stranger in the grocery store line that hauls out the 45 photos of her grandchildren and you're forced to look at it and make nice comments because you're trapped between her and the check out and already have all your stuff out of you basket so what are you gonna' do? And I said thank you for sharing, sweetie, but it's my blog and I'll post what I want. And I think she's gorgeous and am totally proud of her. So the link is staying!

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