Monday, September 25, 2006


Someone (cough-meh-cough, cough-ken-ah) is giving me grief over the size of the iPod I am coveting. "You don't need one that big," she assures me. "You would be just fine with the smaller 30GB model that holds 7,500 songs."

At first I was offended. "I'll show her!" I said, and I started an Excel file of songs I want to put on my intended iPod. I've got over 500 titles on my list and I've only gone through the Time-Life collections. I bet I can boost that list to 2,000 with one ear tied behind my head.

But she's right. I did need to reconsider the model of iPod I want. So after much soul-searching and quiet reflection, I've decided that now I want this one instead--the one on the right, the one that is 80GB and holds 20,000 songs.

Now playing on my intended iPod: Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry

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