Friday, October 06, 2006

Channeling the Energizer Bunny

Have you ever had one of those days where you look at some aspect of your life and you just cannot stand it one second longer--you have to do something about it NOW or someone is gonna' get hurt!?

This used to happen with my hair a lot. I'd let it go until one day, I couldn't stand my bangs in my eyes and I'd go get it cut by whomever would get me in immediately. Only sometimes that led to trouble--as in, haircuts from hades. I've learned to plan my hair meltdowns a couple of days in advance now so I can get in to the girl I like.

You'd think I'd be able to apply that experience to other areas of my life, but no. Not so much.

We've needed to reshuffle and paint some of the rooms in our house for a long time. My mother-in-law moved out in November (yes, that's 11 months ago) and the master bedroom (her room) is still empty and unused because I haven't had time to move into it. I've fallen prey to the habit of putting things that will eventually have a home in that room into "temporary" stacks all over the place. Then all the things that will have their home in the bedroom I'm currently in get put into "temporary" stacks in room #3, and things that will end up in room #3 are waiting in room #4, and...

Every day I walk through my house and it's like chewing on tin foil.

This morning I had a meltdown. Even though I had other things that really needed my attention, I just could not let this situation go on for one more second without doing something about it. And since it's piled up for so long, I can't start with room #1 (the abandoned master bedroom); I have to work backwards through the stacks.

So today--determined to succeed or die trying--I hauled everything out of room #3 and painted it, transforming it from a child's bedroom to a home office. Tomorrow--room #2.

Now playing on my intended iPod: Cheeseburger in Paradise (aka "Painting Music") by Jimmy Buffett

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