Saturday, October 14, 2006

Make Your Choices and Enjoy the Ride

So I wasn’t really thinking and I forgot to get motel reservations for our trip to St. George. By the time I remembered (the day before we left) I had one choice. (Can I call it a choice if there is only one?)

Bad News: Princess and the Boulder

This was THE most uncomfortable night’s sleep I’ve had in the past 2 ½ years! The mattress could not have been any harder had it been made from plywood. The first thing I did on Friday morning was rush to Wal-Mart to get an egg crate foamie. After a second night, I’m thinking I need still another foamie.

Good News: Cable Television!

We only get 2 or 3 channels at home—ABC, PBS and sometimes Fox. This makes it very difficult for me to do my writerly research. I like to use TV shows to help me research techniques—what worked, what didn’t work, how would I have written this differently, was the plot too easy and predictable or was there some depth.

So I’ve been thrilled to have 100 channels to pick from. The only thing is, it was 9:45 p.m. before I realized I could watch ER! I nearly cried to have missed so much of it. Apparently John Stamos is a new character. That may or may not be a good thing. Abby and Luka are still together, having had a baby boy. And I guess that red-headed jerk is still on there and he has a kid too. Nila is looking good. When did Gallant die?

Bad News: Fire Trap
I was eating sugar free Russell Stover’s Dark Chocolate (will blog about that another day) and dropped a wrapper on the floor. Being the complete neat freak that I am (stop laughing!) I leaned over to get it and I see….exposed wires! The power outlet is broken and it has wires coming out of it, connected to other wires, wrapped with duct tape. !!! I’m sleeping on the far side of the bed with my head down at the foot. That way if a fire starts while I’m sleeping, my feet will burn first and my head last. I have this curious idea that I can live without feet better than I can live without a head.

Good News: Yummy for My Tummy
I found sugar free Russell Stover’s Dark Chocolate at the Smith’s in town.

Bad News: Can you say “THUNDER STORM”?
The lightning is so close and so violent that I can feel the thunder in my chest half a second before I hear it.

Good News: Free Internet
I am assuming it’s provided by the motel I’m in. Although, now that I think about it, maybe it’s the one next door—the motel I wish I were in.

Moral of the Story: Life's a mixed bag. Make your choices and enjoy the ride. (Also, make your St. George motel reservations more than the day before you are due to arrive.)

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