Monday, October 16, 2006

Russell Stover Has Done It Again

I recently discovered a new sugar free candy by Russell Stover--Dark Chocolate Candy Miniatures. I love dark chocolate. (I'm from Kentucky, which is far enough east that our taste buds have not become corrupted to prefer wimpy milk chocolate.)

Hershey's does a sugar free dark chocolate, but it's a little bitter and waxy. This Russell Stover dark chocolate is rich and creamy, with just the right amount of bitter that dark chocolate should have. I don't think it's replaced the Nouggie Nuttie Chew as my favorite, but it's very close. Now, if they made the Nouggie Nutty Chew in dark chocolate, I'd be in heaven.

Unfortunately, I could find no link to what this product looks like. I cannot believe that a company this big does such a lousy job of informing the public about their products. I'm seriously considering quitting my day job and applying for the position of Vice President of Marketing (which according to their website, doesn't exist).

Anyway, here is a description of the package--its a green 6 oz bag, but it's made with a wide bottom to sit on a shelf rather than hang from a peg. It used to come in a box, but it looks like RS may be phasing the boxes out. There's a clear window in the belly of the bag, so you can see the individually wrapped candies. The wrappers are silver and dark brown with a red Russell Stover oval and have the ends twisted closed (like mini tootsie rolls). The candies are not quite 1" long, flat on the bottom and rounded on the top.

Good luck finding them. Since I live in Utah, the milk toast--I mean, the milk chocolate center of the world, it's hard. My sister has found them up in the SLC, UT area, but I can't find them down in Utah County. I happened to find them on Friday, here in St. George, at a Smith's. They were in a box of other RS candies that hadn't been shelved yet. I bought all 4 bags. They were $3 something each.

But if you go to a store near you that carries other Russell Stover Sugar Free candies, you can probably have them special order some for you. Trust me. If you like dark chocolate, it's worth the effort.

P.S. Nouggie Alert--Even though Russell Stover told me that the Nouggie Nutty Chews were specially made for Wal-Mart and were not sold anywhere else--including by RS--I've found them recently at two different Albertson's.

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