Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dove Sugar Free Chocolates

I went to Wal-Mart today for some Nouggies. They were all sold out. I just about sat down in the aisle and cried—until my eye caught a new product. Dove’s Rich Dark Chocolate candies. They have three flavors: Chocolate Crème, Mint Crème and Raspberry Crème. Of course, I bought a package of each and sampled them during my drive home.

I can’t tell you how the sugar free versions of these candies match up against the regular Dove candies because Dove came on the market after I stopped eating sugar. But in comparison with other sugar free dark chocolates, the Dove dark chocolate outer covering is pretty good—not too bitter, not too sweet. They get an “A” for that.

The Mint Crème is a very mild, very light mint flavoring, similar to what you get in the higher end truffle candies, like Mrs. Cavanaughs or Sees. You can taste the mint, but it’s not strong enough for a good movie treat.* I prefer a stronger mint flavor or none at all. But if you like the mild mint flavoring, it’s not bad. I won’t throw it away, but I probably won’t buy them again. Russell Stover Mint Patties remain my unchallenged favorite.

The Raspberry Crème is very good. It has a stronger raspberry flavor than I would prefer, but I still liked it. If they’d make the mint flavor as strong as the raspberry and the raspberry as mild as the mint, I think I’d like them both a lot better. The raspberry truffle in the middle is nice and solid and chocolatey, unlike the Russell Stover’s variety which has a pink mushy raspberry middle. So Dove wins the Raspberry Crème category. I will definitely buy these again.

The Chocolate Crème was the best of the three flavors. It was really smooth and creamy. It’s a toss up as to which I prefer—the Dove brand or the Russell Stover brand. I think perhaps Russell Stover wins by ½ a point, but since it’s sooo hard to find, I’ll probably be eating a lot more of the Dove Chocolate Crème.

So in summary, if you like dark chocolate and you’re sugar free—give the Dove brand a try. I think you’ll be pleased.

*My favorite movie treat since I was about 10 years old was to mix chocolate, mint and movie popcorn. When I ate sugar, I used Junior Mints. Now, I use the Russell Stover Mint Patties. You take a bite of the mint, then a mouthful of the popcorn. Ummmm! But it has to be movie theater popcorn. Light or regular popcorn just doesn’t do it.

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