Thursday, January 04, 2007

Home Makeover By Dummies

Due to huge corporate downsizing at my company (2/3 of the workplace laid off in the past 12 months), I've elected to become a telecommuter again.

I love working from home. I've done it for 90% of my career. I'm much more productive when I don't have to deal with other people. Plus, most bosses just don't understand that looking at the celing while twirling round and round in your chair is a vital part of the creative process. For some reason, they feel you should be using your time in more traditional job pursuits, such as brown nosing and water cooler politics.

So when the opportunity arose to move my office back home, I jumped at the chance. Pink fuzzy piggy slippers, here I come!

Road block #1: Creating a space for my home office. When I moved out, the family sort of oozed into the empty space left behind. Now that I'm coming home, they don't want to ooze back to where they were before. After much measuring and drawing on grids, I've come up with two possible options:

A. Rearrange six rooms in my house.

B. Bulldoze everything and start from scratch.

B might actually be the easier option.

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