Saturday, September 15, 2007

Summer Reading Thing Recaps

Summer Reading Things 2007 officially ends next Saturday, September 22nd. Some time during the next two weeks (before Saturday, September 29th) do a recap post on your blog.

Consider answering some of the following questions in your recap post:
  1. How many total books did you read? Were you surprised by that number?

  2. How do you feel about what you read?

  3. Which was your favorite book, and why?

  4. Which was your least favorite, and why?

  5. What about your stretch book? Did you find that you enjoyed it after all? Are you planning to read more of that genre/author?

  6. Did you read as many books as you intended to? Or more? How do you feel about that?

  7. Did you discover a new author that you're excited about?

  8. What did you learn about yourself through this reading experience?

  9. Was this fun? Do you want to continue (if so, sign up for Katrina's Fall Into Reading challenge.)
When your recap is posted to your blog, come back here and put yourself on the Mr. Linky (below). Use the URL specific to your recap post, not your main blog URL.

Click on any of the participants listed below to read about their experiences. Let's congratulate each other in our successes by posting comments to everyone's recap posts.


Josi said...

My recap is posted--I hope I did the whole thing right. I have one book I'm not completely finished with, but it will be another week I think, so I recaped without it. Thanks for doing this, Karlene, it was really fun.

Kenna said...

Okay, mine is posted!

Leslie said...

Thanks for hosting Karlene! I branched out and read things that weren't on my list - but I consider that a good thing because I discovered new authors.