Monday, February 12, 2007


If you read Blogger blogs using a Mac, you may have noticed that Explorer and Safari sometimes make the blogs display all skeewampus. If you post Blogger blogs from a Mac, you may also have noticed that neither of these programs give you the full range of tools that blogging from a PC does.

This stinks and I've been cussing it for months. But I just discovered that Firefox makes a browser for Macs. I've used it on my PC for awhile now and like it but somehow it escaped me that there was a Mac version. I found out about it today and downloaded it and guess what?! IT WORKS! And it's free. And it has a gob of cool add-ons.

They also have an e-mail software called Thunderbird that I use on my PC. It's better than what I was using before, but it's not quite as flexible as my mac e-mail program.

Download your Mac version of Firefox here.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Enter to Win $50 Contest!

An acquaintance of mine sent the e-mail below to various bloggers. She did not send it to me, but I've read her blog over on Six LDS Writers and I like her style. So I'm happy to help her get the word out about her book. I'm looking forward to getting a copy myself when it hits my local LDS bookstore.


My first book, "Secrets in Zarahemla," will be on bookstore shelves this week. In honor of my debut novel, I am offering several contests on my website,

I'm contacting you in hopes of spreading the word about my book and to give you the chance to participate in one of the giveaways, the "Secrets in Zarahemla Tell A Friend Contest."

The direct link to this contest is:

One reader can enter to win a free copy of "Secrets in Zarahemla" and a $50 gift card of their choosing. They will need to enter the name of your blog in the "who referred" them box.

The blogger/blog site that drives the most entrants to the contest will win their own $50 gift certificate and a free copy of my book.

The contest lasts until February 28, 2007.

Thanks so much!
Sariah S. Wilson

. So, if you go to her website and enter her contest, put as the referrer.