Monday, February 12, 2007


If you read Blogger blogs using a Mac, you may have noticed that Explorer and Safari sometimes make the blogs display all skeewampus. If you post Blogger blogs from a Mac, you may also have noticed that neither of these programs give you the full range of tools that blogging from a PC does.

This stinks and I've been cussing it for months. But I just discovered that Firefox makes a browser for Macs. I've used it on my PC for awhile now and like it but somehow it escaped me that there was a Mac version. I found out about it today and downloaded it and guess what?! IT WORKS! And it's free. And it has a gob of cool add-ons.

They also have an e-mail software called Thunderbird that I use on my PC. It's better than what I was using before, but it's not quite as flexible as my mac e-mail program.

Download your Mac version of Firefox here.

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G. Parker said...

Yeah! I love firefox, that's what we use. I just wish the PC version had the cursors that are fun...sigh. I love having a little cat chase my