Monday, March 19, 2007

Thanks Mrs. Thompson!

I've been letting my hair grow out. I haven't had a haircut since July 2006. I'd like to say that it's part of my master plan, but the truth is that I've been too busy watching TV and annoying my husband to go get a haircut. And after 8 months, it seems a shame to break this unintended growth trend. Plus my girls have been bugging me for years to let my hair grow out. So grow, hair, grow.

I'm a tucker. I tuck my hair behind my ears. I part my hair on the side. I've been doing that since 1979. The trouble with being a side-parting hair-tucker who is letting her hair grow out is that my bangs are always flopping down in my face. It's driving me crazy. But I refuse to crumble under the pressure because my shortest hair layer is only a 1/2 inch away from being tuckable.

This morning as I was combing out my hair, I was struck by one of those blinding moments of total brilliance. If I parted my hair in the middle, that hunk of hair that is bugging me right now would tuck snugly behind my other ear!

I always knew high school geometry would come in handy in my real life some day.

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suan said...

what's playing on your ipod??