Thursday, April 26, 2007

Almost as Wonderful as a New Grandbaby

After 49 long and agonizing days of waiting, I finally got my new aspheric lenses. Tonight, I took them for a test drive to Wal-Mart with Megan riding shotgun in case I got into trouble.

The first sign that life was different was I could walk down my front porch steps like a normal person, instead of stopping on each step to look to see where the next one was, like a 90 year old woman. And this was with a half-moon and only a handful of stars.

Then I backed out of the driveway. I could see gobs of distance between me and the neighbor's car parked on the other side of the street, instead of feeling like I had to make a tight turn to miss it. And on the drive to Wal-Mart, I saw everything--lines on the road, edges of the road, joggers, fence posts, a couple of teen hooligans (up to no good I'm sure), and a stray cat with a death wish that darted out in front of me. I even saw this really faded turn arrow painted on the road that Megan said was HARD TO SEE.

I'm seeing in 3-D at night again, instead of the 2 1/2-D prison I've been living in for the past four years. And color. Color at night is amazing! It's so vibrant against the darkness. Did you know that Stop signs are breathtakingly beautiful?

And Megan said I drove normally. I didn't scare her (or me) at all.

Ah, freedom.

I still don't like driving at night because of, you know, all the vampires and werewolves lurking about in the dark. But tomorrow I have a UB workshop at 7:00 p.m. in Provo and I'm driving myself.


Now playing on my iPod: Baby You Can Drive My Car by the Beatles


G. Parker said...

Sooo Cool!! I'm so happy for you! I'm not the best driver at night either, so at least I can look forward to something if I need Enjoy tonight!

Sandra said...

This is the best news in the world (well next to the grandma news). I know you have waited a loooong time, but finally you can go out at night if you want to and be stuck because there is no one to drive you. Woo Hoo!!!!!