Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have a problem with food. I'd be happy if I never had to eat again. It's not anorexia because I really don't mind eating, it's the taste of things. Especially fruits and vegetables. I can handle bananas and really sweet red grapes. I can eat potatoes and corn and peas and green beans. But all the other fruits and vegetables taste bitter to me.

This, I have been told, is most likely due to my overabundant sense of smell. Strong smell = strong taste. The slightly bitter taste of most vegetables that a normal person can cover up with a little salt, butter or cheese sauce comes through LOUD and CLEAR to my sensitive taste buds.

And before you say that I just need to buck up and eat them anyway, let me just say that I've tried to eat things like broccolli and spinach, and my uncontrollable gag reflex takes over. My tongue convulses and the food goes flying across the room. And they do really bad things to my digestive system. This is due to allergies that also cause the glands behind my jaw (under my ears) to swell and hurt when I eat certain fruits. (I am not kidding; this was diagnosed by a DOCTOR with a stethoscope and blood testing equipment and a certificate on his wall.)

It's really hard for me to get my RDA of fruits and veggies but I am committed to becoming healthier. So I'm looking for a vitamin and mineral supplement with the following specifications:
  • all-natural vegetable-based and supplying the maximum RDA (or higher) of nutrients normally found in fruits and vegetables

  • in pill or capsule form, so that I do not have to taste it (Trust me, no matter how "tolerable" or "pleasant" you find any liquid supplement, I guarantee it will make me hurl.)

  • no sugar (I'm allergic to that too)

  • no additives that I can't pronounce

  • NOT multi-level/direct marketing; I want to be able to walk into a store, buy it and leave (no sign-up, no autoship, no rah-rah meetings, no pressure to convert my family and friends)

  • a month's supply for under $30

So that's what I'm looking for. Any ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments and if I try your suggestion and like it, I will send you a prize--a free book from my publishing company.

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I'm serious. Please DO NOT tell me about Reliv or Isogenix or any of those types of drinks. I have tried most of them and they all make me very ill. Also, do not explain to me about the reverse healing process and that I should expect to feel worse while I get better. I know all about that and I think it's bunk. You do not have to cleanse that fast to get healthy.


Karen Hoover said...

I know of one that fills all but one of your requirements, darn it. It's a direct marketing product called Juice Plus. My mom sells it, but doesn't push it. If you get desperate and can't find something else, I'd be happy to pass on the word. She's the least pushy woman I know and only does it because she believes so strongly in the product. It's flash dried fruits and vegies. She swears by it. I just thought I'd let you know, even though it's not exactly what you're looking for, at least you know there are things like that out there. Good luck with the search!

G. Parker said...

I'm sure you already know about Amway products (of course, now it's Quixtar) They have an excellent vitamin suppliment, but the main one is way expensive. They have a daily that would help with minimum stuff that is only $30 or so a bottle...
There is also the health food stores that carry good stuff - just sometimes expensive. Good luck! If you want to look into the Quixtar site, it's just

Tristi Pinkston said...

I sure wish I could think of one that meets all the requirements -- the only thing that's springing to mind is the Kirkland brand multi-vitamin that is sold at Costco, but I don't know if it's in a vegetable base or not. I'm all out so I don't have a bottle on hand to check.