Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Give me a break!

Overcome by peer pressure, I have tentatively decided to go the Yard Sale approach to de-junking, rather than using ebay. (What peer pressure? Not everyone who comments about my blog does so via the "comments" channel.)

So yesterday I began. I decided to sacrifice my kitchen/family room (it's one big long rectangle) and use it as a staging area. It's summer, so no one eats at the table anyway and we would all be better off with less access to the idiot box.

After 2 1/2 hours of grueling work, I managed to open and remove all the items from three boxes and spread them all over two long tables. At which point, I had to stop because I was hot, tired, hungry and late for work. (Yes, even though I freelance, I try to start my work day at a set time.)

Then I had to go eat a bunch of chocolate because I was so depressed.

At this rate, I can probably schedule my Yard Sale for August 11, 2010. Mark that on you calendars, please.

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Sandra said...

Hey, if you had just said something, I could have helped a bit when I was over yesterday. Isn't that what VTs are for?

Jen said...

Wow you are a brave woman. I've had a few yard sales and here's what I've learned, which will hopefully/maybe save you some time & effort...

1-You will get far less money per item than you would on Ebay, but its all gone in one day-no shipping/packing/waiting for paypal to clear. Whatever it would sell for on Ebay, figure 1/4 to 1/6 of that is what you will make in a yard sale.

2-Price everything in multiples of 25 cents. It simplifies your change giving, you will only need to get quarters instead of nickels, & dimes.

3-If its completely worn out or stained, throw it away. Thrift stores won't take it, and yard salers won't buy it.

4-Best sellers are furniture & craft junk, followed by kids clothes. Grown up clothes rarely sell at all.

Good luck! I found your site through LDS women bloggers, hope you don't mind my jumping in with my $.02