Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Not So Fairy-Tale Life by Julie Wright

Suzanna "Cue" Quincy has had a rough life—an abusive mother, emotionally absent father, drugs and alcohol. If that's not enough, she discovers she's pregnant and isn't sure who the father is. Suzanna's mother kicks her out of the house because she won't get an abortion. Her friends abandon her because she will no longer party with them. With nowhere else to turn, Suzanna leaves Massachusetts and heads out to Utah, hoping her brother and his new wife will forgive her for ruining their wedding reception and give her a place to stay while she figures out what to do with her life and her baby. On her cross-country trip, Suzanna meets Rion, a member of the same weird religion (Mormon) her brother had joined a few years earlier.

Once in Utah, Suzanna makes a gradual transformation from bad girl to responsible citizen. Her struggle with feelings of insecurity and anger as she contemplates the future ring true. Her developing feelings for Rion and an increasing respect for her brother's religion leads to a believable spiritual experience during the birth of her baby.

I liked this book because it was realistic and believable. The characters were unique and developed. It was inspiring without being over the top. Although Julie deals with difficult topics (things we wish our children didn't know about, let alone have to face themselves), it was handled well, clearly showing the consequences of poor choices. I found nothing offensive or inappropriate. I've encouraged my two teen-aged girls (16 & 19) to read it. I look forward to seeing what Julie writes next.

[Book review for Spring Reading Thing 2007.]


Anna Maria Junus said...

Agreed! This was an excellent book.

One of the things I liked was her difficult decision and that she wasn't okay with it right away. That it did take time to accept it.

By the way, the writer was Julie Wright.

Karlene said...

Which just shows you how tired I was when I posted this last night. I did get it right within the body of the post, however. :)