Saturday, June 16, 2007

Someone should just slap me

I started trying to declutter back in January when I moved my office back into my home. I needed to do some room reassignments, painting, organizing, etc.

How's that working for me? Did I mention I broke my toe on a stack of JUNK? That stack is still there, but now I'm more careful when I walk past it, 20 times a day.

I really want to dejunk, but that whole process presents several dilemmas.* (dilemmi?)

1. Every room in my house is overstuffed with boxes of things from the aforementioned move. I can't play Clean Sweep and haul it all out to sort in the front yard. Logistically impossible. Plus, I'm a wimp with muscles like overcooked spaghetti. So where do I put all the crud while I'm sorting it? My living room? Oh, wait. It's already in there.

2. I get the concept of having sorting boxes for keep, sell, donate and trash. Wonderful idea. But how do I decide what goes in which box? What if I get rid of the wrong thing? How do I know I won't desperately need something one day and regrettably discover that I'm too poor to replace it.

3. Sell. I really, really need some cash right now or I'm going to have to go get a real job. Trust me—although I'm wonderfully self-motivated, have some killer skills, and can get lots of work done very fast—no one wants to hire me as an in-house employee. I need an extremely flexible work schedule and I don't play well with others. So, do I try to collect all my stuff together and sell it in one ginormous yard sale (hurry, please, someone tell me "NO!") or do I sell it a little at a time on ebay, where I'll have to photo, package and ship everything?

What to do with all my stuff has been my daily dither for about three years now. What to do? What to do? So what elevated this ongoing frustration to posting level today? I went by my friend's house this morning and she, her husband, and 6 of her kids are all happily mucking out her garage.

I knew I should have had more kids!

* American Heritage: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.

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Sandra said...

Oh, you crack me up. I knew there was a reason for so many boys. Unfortunately they keep leaving. And it for most of the time there were only 2 of the kids out there because 1 was at a Marine thing, one was at work and the girls were pretending to clean their room. And we only got part of it done. But-- I did find the book that I have been looking for for the last 2 years.

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli said...

I'm always finding myself in the same muddled mess. I got a great start on my home office---what my children and husband have affectionately used as the house dumping ground as kids grew bigger and needed more bedroom space---but now I'm on hold while I finish my graduate classes and going out of town for a week. Summer vacation will be over before I know it and no more time to clean. Like you, I love Clean Sweep, and I'm really bummed that TLC doesn't run at least an episode a week. I get so much done just LISTENING to Peter Walsh help those people. That's why his book is on my Summer Reading List. It's given me the motivation to at least start the office project. Good luck with making those big decisions!

Tristi Pinkston said...

We recently moved from a house into a trailer. Things had to go! So I followed some advice I heard on a show once: If you don't just love it to death, or use it all the time, get rid of it. And, if it's something you haven't used in one year, you won't need it. I threw out so much stuff, and I found it was cathartic. When I unpacked on this end, I threw out even more. Now I'm surrounded by things I love and things I use. It's great.
And, if Great-Aunt Sophie gave you something and you feel you should keep it out of duty, take a picture of it and throw it away. You can still look at the picture and remember Sophie fondly, but you won't be (literally) tripping over it all the time.

Good luck!

Josi said...

Ever heard of she helped me finally make some good habits to cut down on the clutter. I haven't gotten her e-mails for a year and a half so I need to start up again, but it's a great system. Once I get started and really feel the 'spirit' of dejunking I get a little carried away. Good luck, I feel ya. I had half a dozen boxes in storage for four years after I moved before I finally went through them. I gave most of it away--I mean if I didn't need it for 4 years, did I need it at all? There's an idea--rent a storage unit, get all that stuff out of sight and out of mind, then in a few months go through and see what you really need.

Also, KSL is a free and FAST way to sell stuff :-)

Karlene said...

Fly lady. That's the woman who send me over a dozen e-mails every day. Maybe I should read them.

Anna Maria Junus said...

That's her!

Basically start at 15 minutes. Just do 15 minutes a day.