Monday, July 02, 2007

Not for the Faint of Heart

Seriously. There will be grossness included in this post.

I like hanging out with Megan because we both have the same quirky sense of humor, short attention spans, and attraction to icky stuff that most people find slightly disturbing.

[Alert: I will be posting photos of the slightly disturbing stuff at the end of this post.]

So when I cut my hand while washing dishes Sunday night, Megan was right there in the middle of the blood and guts, handing me towels and instructing me to apply direct pressure. She was also the first to ask to take a peek and then suggest we very quickly take a ride to the emergency room.

Megan kept me entertained and distracted while waiting my turn and went with me back to the exam room because, as she said, "I want to see."

I had to get a tetanus shot, which was the worst of it all. But Megan assured me that the Sesame Street band-aid would make it feel much better.

When the doctor came in to do the stitches, I asked, "How many stitches do you reckon I'll need?"

Doctor replied, "How many do you want?"

Megan and I immediately replied in unison, "Make it an odd number."

Doctor: "Why?"

In unison again, "Because that will be cool."

The doctor thought we were a little strange, but she gave me 7 stitches anyway, even though it really only needed 6.

We took before and after pictures with our cell phones. [Don't scroll down if you don't want to see.]

Megan bravely watched the whole thing. I didn't because, well, IT WAS MY HAND. But she gave me a detailed blow-by-blow afterward. And to thank her for that, I promise to watch if she ever gets stitches and give her a creatively vivid, techni-color accounting of the whole procedure.

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Anne Bradshaw said...

Eeeek! I should have listened and not looked. But your description reminded me of how I loathe injuries so I read on while grinding my teeth. I'm the world's worst when it comes to blood and guts--mine and family's. Yet I can write about it in my books. How weird is that?

Marsha Ward said...

You really did a number on that thumb, Karlene! Good thing you had the tetanus shot!

Steve said...
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McKenna Gordon said...

You don't think your accent is back from being in KY? Since when is the word "reckon" a part of your daily vocabulary? I'm not saying I've never heard you say it.... I'm just SAYING.

Karlene said...

You have to speak the language of the country you're in...

Josi said...

Owie! I no like owies like this. glad you can still type and I hope it wasn't a dish you loved that is now broken.

Sandra said...

McKenna, I always tell your mom I can only hear her accent on two occasions:
1. she says the word "oil"
2. she has been talking to her mom or been to KY.

Anonymous said...

k first of all i miss you. second of all sometimes when you describe meg you make her sound like it's a mental disability that makes her love cartoon bandaids and not just her "hippie free spirit" attitude (or that she's 4).
xoxox mel

Karlene said...

What, you mean Megan's NOT 4???

Miss you too--really terribly badly horribly. :(

Kerri said...

Oooohh - hurts to look at it!

Anonymous said...

don't be a cry baby, I had 6 bullet wounds and a knife wound. you don't reckon you heard me cryin. and there is absolutely nary a thing wrong with a ky accent

Karlene said...


I'll give you the six bullet wounds but I am not at all impressed with your teensy little knife wound. I have a 5" one (hip bone to hip bone) and a 7" one (upper chest to belly button).

Plus I've had kidney stones FIVE times--one so impressive the nurses were charging admission to see it. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, now, THAT's impressive.
Nice stitching job too. Lucky you!