Saturday, July 07, 2007

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

I had to go back to the bookstore for more books while on vacation because I'd read everything I brought with me, plus some. The first book I chose was Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1) by Jim Butcher because it is the first in a series about Harry Dresden, wizard. These novels are what the new Sci-Fi channel series, The Dresden Files, is based on. I quite like the television series, so I thought I'd give the book a chance.
Lost items found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.

Harry Dresden is the best at what he does. Well, technically, he's the only at what he does. So when the Chicago P.D. has a case that transcends mortal creativity or capability, they come to him for answers. For the "everyday" world is actually full of strange and magical things—and most of them don't play well with humans. That's where Harry comes in.

In this first book, Dresden is called in to consult with the police on a truly disgusting double murder. Ew. He also takes on a seemingly unrelated private case, helping a woman track down her missing husband who dabbles in black magic. While the plot was pretty good, and the book helped fill in some back story that the TV show leaves out, I was not as impressed as I'd hoped I would be.

The clever dialog from the show is hit and miss in the book. Bob, a semi-corporeal ghost on the show--and a fun character--is merely a talking skull in the book and not very funny. I missed the play in their relationship that is part of the TV show.

The book drags a bit in places. It also contains some sexual innuendo and naked body descriptions that I could really do without and which is completely unnecessary to the story line. There's quite a bit of swearing too. All of which is not part of the TV show.

I give the show a 4.25, but I only give the book a 3. Will I read more of the series? I don't know. I might try one more, but I will definitely check it out from the library, not buy it.

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