Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chaos still reigns at my house

So. This is my third twelve hour day in a row mucking out my garage. I should have gotten some "before" photos, but I didn't think about it. Here are some "middle" photos. Tried to get a panoramic view here, but they don't quite capture the chaos.

While I was cleaning, this woman came by selling organic cleaner. I was hot and sticky and tired and grumpy and the last thing I wanted to do was listen to her sales pitch. Well, no—that was the second to last thing. The last thing being buy her stuff. But I couldn't just be rude and tell her to get lost. I mean, she was hot and tired too. So I thought I'd let her stand in the shade of my garage for a few minutes, and then tell her NO. The thing is, she was a really, really good salesperson. Maybe I should have hired her for Saturday. Anyway, the product was pretty good and it's organic (she licked the pump!) and since I'm getting rid of a bunch of cleansers because they're bothering me and did I mention she was a really, really good salesperson?

So now it's even more important that all of you come to my yard sale and buy everything.

If you're planning to come to the Private Sale on Friday, I'm thinking anytime between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. should be fine. I'll probably still be cleaning and tagging, but hopefully I'll be close enough to done that you can find what you want.


Kenna said...

LOL! Your neighbors are LOVING YOU right now, I'm sure!

Was the cleaner from Shaklee? I just entered a contest and am supposedly receiving a free bottle in the mail any day now.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that all fit in your garage. You feel SO GOOD RIGHT NOW, just in case you haven't noticed. I'm so excited for the exhale you'll have on Saturday night when you climb in bed. You deserve it for all the freaking hard work.

Karlene said...

The neighbors definitely slooow down as they pass the house.

Two little girls walked by today (8-9 years?). They didn't see me.
First one said: It's a yard sale! Look! There's Barbies!!
Second one: Are you sure it's a yard sale?
First: Yes, how much money do you have with you?
Second: (didn't hear her reply)
First: Let's go home and you get all the money you have and come back to buy stuff. Hurry! Run!
They didn't come back.

No, not Shaklee. Advantage.

Yes, I'm looking forward to Saturday night. Dejunking the garage is so much work, but it will feel so good to be able to walk through it without tripping over something; also, we'll be able to FIND STUFF. So yes. Huge sigh of relief. But then I have to dejunk the HOUSE.

Anonymous said...

Cute girly convo! Good luck with your sale!

Sandra said...

She was a good salesperson, wasn't she. But the difference is that I was really excited to see her because I absolutely LOVE this cleaner and had been wanting one of their salespeople to come by for about a year now. And she gave me her info so I can order online now and she gets commission for the sale.

Sandra said...

So are you just pooped today? What a lot of work you did. Way to go!

G. Parker said...

So how did the sale go?? did you get rid of lots of stuff??