Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm writing

At the beginning of September, I enrolled in a BIAM with I've participated several times before and it's been great fun and the support and accountability have made me very productive.

I was also tempted to join the BIAM that Tristi started on September 10th. However, since I've been traveling and packing up my parents, doing extra work before I left on the trip, doing lots of UB parties while here in KY (to pay for my trip) and dealing with the day-to-day of life stuff, I decided to drop out of the first BIAM and catch Tristi on her next time around.

Life has a funny way of looking out for you and when you turn your back on what you really want to be doing, what you were "meant" to be doing, it gives you another chance to change your mind.

I have a friend who has been threatening to start a writing class for years. We made a run at it about six years ago, but then it sort of dwindled to nothing. I promised her that when she was ready to do it, I'd take the class. She woke up inspired last week, pulled the class together, and started it with just a few days notice to those of us who had told her we were interested. Not the best timing for me, but a promise is a promise.

We're studying from a book called Writing Alone & With Others by Pat Schneider. The class is online so I could do it at my convenience. I figured I could at least read the book and make a half-hearted attempt at the assignments.

Well. I'm only on the first chapter of this book and I am so inspired my typing fingers itch! It's like someone lit a fire under me, then turned it all the way up on high. I couldn't NOT write.

So I went back to latterdayauthors and they graciously let me back in to the BIAM. Then I begged Tristi to join her for the last few weeks of her BIAM. Why? Because I know myself. I need the accountability. The harder it is for me to do something, the more support I need. If I have the support and accountability of reporting back to the class, two BIAMs, blogging about it here, AND tracking my progress on my sidebar, I will probably actually do it.

Since I am really busy with prior commitments, my stated goal is to write for 15 minutes per day. I know that's an itsy-bitsy goal, but I believe in "the power of the litte bit"—and something is better than nothing. I started today and exceeded my 15 minute goal—stretching it to nearly 30 minutes.

This feels really good to me. Better even than chocolate.


Suan said...

you go girl-
you are capable of big and wonderful things with your writing talent...i've known that since you were ya

Tristi Pinkston said...

I know that itchy-fingers feeling -- it sounds uncomfortable but it's really not. :)

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Better than chocolate. Wow! I didn't know that was possible.

Kenna said...

That first picture looks exactly like your hand. I had to study it closely, wondering why on earth you would go to the trouble to have gma take a picture of your hand... you even have that blue jacket!

I can't wait to read your books!

Susan said...

This sounds like a great book. Out of curiosity - what's a BIAM? I have an LDS friend who's writing a novel and she would probably love an online writing group - is that what this is?

Karlene said...

BIAM is Book in a Month. It's a challenge to turn off your internal editor and write as much as you can during one month.

They have one at a few times a year. Have her go to that site and contact C.S. Bezas for info on the next one.

Tristi is having one on her blog just for fun.

There is also the NanoWriMo ( every November.

The one where we're studying the book is a "practice" class for a select group of writers. But when she's ready to go public, I'll post about it here.

Josi said...

Way to go, I'm so impressed. I am failing miserably at the BIAM, I should have done a time limit instead of word count. I've caught up a lot of writing projects, but written nary a thing on the novel. I'm glad other people are making it work though! Keep it up.

I love the itchy finger feeling!

Karlene said...

McKenna, you can tell it's not my hand because there's not scar on the thumb. :)

Josi, there's no such thing as failing miserably, even if all you do is get one word on the page a day. You only fail if you don't try. I believe that.

Susan said...

Thanks for the info, Karlene. Sounds really interesting.