Friday, October 19, 2007

My Ideal Day--October Artsy Essay Contest

I found out about this monthly writing contest through Josie, who learned about it from Daisie at Cre8Buzz, who is a friend of Judith, who sponsors the contest on her Heartsong blog. I thought it sounded fun. Click here for details.

I wake to the comfortable silence of dawn peeping through the mountains outside my bedroom window. No alarms needed. I am rested; I am calm; I am peace. I wait for a moment, letting the morning sink into my skin. I stretch and get out of bed.

I put on my sweats and take an early walk with my husband and my dog while the neighborhood sleeps. Jim and I talk about our plans, our dreams, our children and grandchildren. We talk about UFOs and NLP and whatever else our minds wander toward. We laugh. We hold hands. We are comfortable together. We give each other strength and peace.

When we get home, Jim gets ready for work and I sit on the front porch and wait for the morning to finish its approach, complete with soundtrack provided by the local birds. I bask in the scent of the lilac in the spring, my roses in the summer, the faraway wishes of autumn, and the icy crispness in winter. When my husband leaves for work, I go inside to prepare for my day.

I dress in clothes that fit perfectly, not too tight or too stiff. The outfit I want is always clean because I have a wonderful housekeeper. My hair works, every day, just the way I intend it to work. I spend 30 minutes in prayer, scripture study, contemplation—writing my thoughts and ideas in my journal, my morning pages.

My daughter gets up to prepare for school. We enjoy our morning conversation and breakfast together. We talk about anything she wants; we share stories and ideas.

After she leaves, my housekeeper comes. I give her brief instructions, then go into my writing room to write. My writing room has two very large windows, one facing east and one facing south. I can see sky and mountains out from these windows. I can see my cats stalking through my fairy garden, hunting gnomes, I’m sure.

Every inch of wall not used by the windows is covered with bookshelves. I must have at least 1,000 books in here. Between the books are occasional photographs of my family, one-of-a-kind knick knacks—souveniers from my many book signing tours. There is a large, overstuffed sofa by the east window. That is where I sit to think and create. There is a giant desk at the other end, that holds my laptop, my BIC pens, my project files. The top of the desk is very clean and neat because I cannot create in chaos.

In this room that I love, I write until lunch. I write well. I write fast. I write easy. I write my blogs. I work on my novel.

My housekeeper knocks softly on the door of my writing room to tell me it’s lunchtime. She knows I get too involved in my writing and sometimes I forget to eat. She’s made a lunch that will rest easy in my stomach—tuna (with lots of eggs) on wheat and sweet red grapes with banana slices. It is delicious.

After lunch, I go back to my writing room and return phone calls, answer e-mails. I do the business side of writing—promotion, marketing, networking. I check in with my writing students. I read their assignments. I comment, encourage, instruct.

I take a break at 3:00 when my daughter comes home from school. She tells me about her day, about her homework, about her plans for the afternoon and evening. I enjoy this time with her.

The hours before dinner I spend in household/family duties. I catch up with my other children. I put time into my church responsibilities. I check on family, friends and neighbors. I run errands. I might go to a lacrosse game or a rugby match or birthday shopping for a grandchild.

Dinner is ready at 6:00, again perfectly prepared by housekeeper. She knows exactly what I can eat and what will make me sick. Her meals are light, nutritious, and melt in my mouth. My husband, daughter and I eat together almost every night. We talk about our days, we cheer each other’s successes, commiserate on our disappointments.

After dinner, I choose from a variety of activities. Maybe I’ll hang out with my daughter and husband, maybe I’ll post comments on the blogs of people I like, maybe I’ll scrapbook or watch a movie or read.

Around 9:00, I get ready for bed and read for an hour. Then it’s lights out and I go to sleep easily and soundly, waiting for dawn to peep through the mountains outside my bedroom window.

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Stephanie Humphreys said...

You described my perfect day almost exactly. Only I wouldn't quite get up at dawn. But a housekeeper...that I like.

Judith HeartSong said...

Well done Karlene and thank you so much for writing. I can see your space in my mind's eye, and can sense the warm comfort of your homeplace.

I am so glad you decided to join us.

best regards,

Judith HeartSong

Suan said...

wow... i love your perfect day :)
if only writing it could make it happen.. what a wonderful place the world would be.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Very, very nice, Karlene.

~~Kristal~~ said...

Just wonderful.. I am so glad you wrote this entry.. sounds like a wonderful day indeed..

Tristi Pinkston said...

I was totally with you until you mentioned the eggs in your tuna. My perfect day would include throwing the egg-filled tuna over the back fence. :)

Kenna said...

LOL... Tristi made me laugh.

Josi said...

Very nice indeed, Karlene--the eggs in tuna threw me as well, but to each their own. Loved it, glad you played!

Lena said...

I particularly enjoyed the clean, perfectly fitting clothes! Well done.

Anonymous said...

You're right--This IS the perfect day! Thank you so much for sharing! It was a beautiful essay!