Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thank you, Mom and Dad

Hi Mom & Dad. I know you think I came out to Kentucky to help you move, but I have to confess, I had less than altruistic motives. Here's one of them:

FYI to other readers: This is the bed I grew up in. It's a canopy and came with a frilly pink floral bedspread and canopy cover. But since this is my DH's bedroom* I decided not to put the canopy up and to use a more manly comforter.

The dresser is from a bedroom set my parents bought when they were first married. They're keeping the other two pieces for their new house, but didn't have room for this one.

The little night table is one my grandparents, Grace and Gudgell—the Champion Garage Salers of the World, picked up and refinished.

Now, don't you all agree that this alone was worth the drive from KY to UT?

*He snores. I kick. It's better this way, believe me.


Kenna said...

I'm jealous and nostalgic. No more cuddling up in the pink bedroom when we go to visit G&G. I have such fond memories of that whole room, and a lot of them stem from this bed set. Seems strange, a 4 poster bed bringing a child such joy...

Karlene said...

McKenna, you are welcome to come snuggle on the bed any time. I'll even dig out the pink bedspread and put it on. And yes, I totally get that a 4 poster bed brings so much joy and fond memories. Why do you think I went to all the trouble of fighting with my sisters to get it?

Josi said...

Definitely worth the drive--nostalgia like this is priceless! Congrats.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I don't know if gorgeous is a manly word -- but this room looks gorgeous!