Friday, November 02, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by Candace. So 7 things about me that are interesting, and that I don't mind if my parents or children know about them...hmmmm, mutually exclusive.

1. I grew up in Lexington, KY. No, I didn't live on a farm and I didn't own a horse. Yes, I did have flush toilets and running water in my home for my entire life.

2. When I was little, the only things I would eat were tuna, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate.

3. I refuse to watch scary movies. They creep me out too much. Even something as tame as Ghostbusters gives me nightmares. However, Buffy the Vampire Slayer never bothered me (except "Hush" and the episode with the hyenas...).

4. I hate to cook. After my divorce, my ex got the kids every Thanksgiving. People thought that was terrible. I was actually relieved because it meant I didn't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Jim and I go to Golden Corral for dinner on Thanksgiving day. We both think that is cool. We laugh at all the poor slobs who are forced to slave over the hot stove for days on end preparing a feast for their family, only to have it over and done in 15 minutes, and then spend the next 10 hours cleaning it up, while we sit there in the pleasant enjoyment of an endless buffet with no work and no clean up. Hah!

5. I am almost always cold--especially my feet.

6. I like pigs. Not real pigs; decorative pigs. I have stuffed pigs and ceramic pigs, piggy slippers and piggy socks, piggy pens, piggy spoon rests, piggy...

7. My two favorite artists are: James Christensen and Mary Englebreit. I get ME's calendar every year.

I tag: Kenna, Melanie, Megan, Suan, Sandra.


Kenna said...

(regarding #1) Okay, but you didn't say whether your grandparents were cousins.

Becky said...

Did you know that Mary Engelbreit has a new series out...her 'classic library' editions. The first two are Little Princess and Secret Garden. Anne of Green Gables is coming out in January 2008.