Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did somebody clone something new recently?

I'd hate to have missed an important announcement on the progress of cloning, especially since, according to the radio conversation I heard yesterday, cloning has the entire civilization of mankind tottering on the brink of either destruction or transcendence.

Most of those that called in to the show fell into two camps: scientists and religionists.

Those in the science camp seem to believe that it's our duty as good citizens to push the limits of technology. We must shoulder the onus of discovering vast new frontiers in medicine and genetics, simply because those frontiers exist. There is no God, they say, therefore, there is no miracle to creation. It's only science and we can figure it out. Eventually. And because we can, we should.

The religionists, those who believe in God, seemed to be worried to the point of apoplexy that someone might create a human clone. The creation of life is God's provenance and His alone. Only He has the power to create a human life. If a scientist were to successfully clone a human, then somehow that would either destroy or deny the existence of God, or it would doom mankind to destruction. If we go against the will of God and create a human clone, then He in His anger may decide to wipe us all out in one big cosmic fireball.


As far as science is concerned, I don't believe that just because we can do something we should. I can do any number of reprehensible activities, but I don't because I shouldn't. However, I have no problem with the attempts at cloning and I don't see any conflict between that and my religion. The God I believe in is all powerful and He is in charge of this world. To say that we might be able to clone a human against God's will is kind of ridiculous and denies the power of that God we supposedly believe in. If He wants us to be able to create bodies through cloning to house His spirit children, then someday, we'll be able to do it. If He doesn't want that to happen, then it won't.

In the meantime, even if the attempts at cloning are not completely successful, hopefully the scientific community is learning from them. Maybe they'll discover a cure for some of the horrific diseases that plague us. Maybe they'll find ways to prevent the heartbreak of genetic defects. Maybe they'll uncover ways to heal us from injury. In the process of attempting to create life, maybe they'll learn how to enrich it.

What do you think?


Kenna said...

I'm with you. I'm for it. Maybe they can grow a man a new kidney. A new heart. Maybe they can flip the switch on one gene in a fetus who is to be born with diabetes, autism, downs syndrome, and prevent it. Maybe they can use stem cell research and cloning to cure horrific diseases, maybe they'll use it to (accidentally or not) create more horrific diseases.

Jen said...

You can actually already grow an human ear on the back of a rat! The cost...about $1 Million, and insurance doesn't cover it, so most people who lose their ears in horrific ear losing accidents don't go that route.

Personally, I'd really like to see them clone a person, just so we can so how much the two people's personalities are alike. Or two animals even for that matter. My neighbor across the street shares all her DNA with her twin sister, but they are totally different from each other. I don't think you can clone spirit.