Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Photos

Thanks to Sandra, I have this photo of me as the Urban Botanic fairy.
I'm so UN-photogenic I can hardly stand it. But whatever.

This is my cute little Carter as a lobster.

Carter's dad, Stephen, as Ursula the Sea Witch.

My son, Christopher, and his girlfriend, Ashley, as devils.
Ashley's daughter, Destiny, is the cute little lady bug.

Megan with friends. On the left, Laney, as a pirate.
Sam, middle, didn't have a costume so they raided my Halloween
box and threw this together for him. Megan, right, is a fairy.

Here's another of Megan. It's much nicer because it was taken with a
real camera and not my cell phone.

My husband, Jim, and my other kids did not dress up.
They are in the process of being disowned.

But here's a cute photo of Melanie and Kris.
We're down to 18 more days until baby, but the doctor said
to expect it a week after that and to just be happy if it comes earlier.

This is one of my fav pics of McKenna. It's her "founder" photo on the UB blog.

And Jim? Well, he never stands still long enough for me to take a photo.
I need a new digital camera with lighting fast shutter speeds to capture one of him.

BTW, my entry won a 4-way tie for the Reader's Choice Honorable Mention in the Scare Your Pants Off Opening Paragraph contest over on LDS Publisher. Cool.


Sandra said...

Too bad both Megan and I were in a hurry or I would have checked the photo and taken another one with a better expression. She is such a beautiful girl. All your girls are.

And congratulations on the Honorable mention. It was so hard to choose that I didn't vote, but that is the one I picked out for yours when I was readig.

Suan said...

i loved the paragraph you wrote and got a 4 way tie on ... great job.
was this the beginning of the halloween story you wrote and deleted or was it something totally different?

Karlene said...

It was something totally different.

Annette Lyon said...

I saw McKenna's picture and the write-up in UV Mag! I didn't realize she was your daughter. Coolness.