Sunday, November 04, 2007

No, really. What time is it?

I don't easily adapt to change. It sort of freaks me out. I like my schedule to be set, reliable, dependable, PREDICTABLE. So you can imagine how I react when the time changes. Suddenly my inner time sense is out of phase with my reality and that really trips me up. Doesn't matter whether we gain an hour or lose it, it totally discombobulates me for a couple of weeks until my body and my mind catch up.

So in honor of today's time change, and how overwhelmed that makes me feel , I'm posting a poem I wrote for one of my writing class assignments.

To Do

Wake up.
Phone rings.
Quick bath.
E-mail sings.
Write this.
Edit that.
Box the books.
Vacuum the mat.
Make lunch.
Eat fast.
Me time—
Always last.

Find shoes.
Pay bills.
Fix car.
Refill pills.
Call Mom.
Send mail.
Pick up kid.
Pound nail.
Order food.
Check list.
Sometimes I wonder…
Do I exist?

God answers.
I breathe a sigh.
I am loved.
Tell the list goodbye.

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Content ©2007 Karlene Browning.

Exercise: Free associate a list, then turn that list into a poem.


Kenna said...

I must be feeling a little to relative to this poem because it surprisingly made me cry. If had read it any other day, I would have said, "that is just such a cute poem and so true!" but it totally got me.

Suan said...

love the poem
i seem to like everything you
write.... i seriously don't think it's because i am your sister... i think i just like your writing style.

Josi said...

ain't that the truth...