Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Out like a trout

Grandma gets to tend Baby Shrek today. He has two teeth now. I think he's working on more because he's not his usual cheerful self. He fussed and fussed so I gave him his bottle an hour early and after only two verses of my favorite lullaby he was sound asleep.

My favorite lullaby sung by the world's favorite nanny:

It's a good thing he liked that lullaby because it was the only one I could remember. Been a long time since I've sung to a baby. So what's your favorite lullaby? I need to build up my repertoire.

Now playing on my iPod: Stay Awake by Mary Poppins


Sandra said...

I always hummed a tune that I remember my mother humming. Hard to share over the 'net, though.

But I always used to sing "Juan Paco Pedro de LaMar" to my children. The Spanish version is much easier to sing quietly and slowly and makes more of a lullaby than John Jacob Jinglehiemmer Schmidt does.

Or how about- "Children All Over the World" out of the primary book.

Kenna said...

haha! I can tell you why he loved that so much! The only three songs I sing him are this one, the one from Dumbo, or You Are My Sunshine. Mary Poppins' being my favorite. I sing it a faster than she does... the way Harry Connick Jr. sings it, except an octave higher. And without the swoopy hair. Or huge nostrils.

Julie Wright said...

Oh that is soooo cute! He is adorable!