Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where did I put that brain implant?

I am really looking forward to the day when we have digital brain implants that will record our thoughts.

While I was out shopping today, I had a great idea for a blog topic. I also had a great idea for a magazine article. They were both so fantastic that I was sure I would remember them.

Then I started thinking about Christmas. I spent about an hour in the children's toy section at Wal-Mart. It's been a long time since I shopped for infants and there are such cool, new toys out.

From there, my brain jumped to my grown children and what I should get them for Christmas. Money is so impersonal. I like to give a gift of some sort. But money is also tight, so I want to give a gift that they'll enjoy, not one that will end up in the D.I. box next summer. I browsed the aisles for ideas for another hour.

I finally made it over to the food section (I love these new-fangled super stores) to get what I need for tomorrow's big family dinner and birthday celebration. I am not a cook so although I could come up with the main dish and a salad, I struggled with what else to put with it. That was another hour well spent. (Not.)

I usually do the self-checkout but people tend to get cranky when you have 89 items in your cart. So I bowed to peer pressure and went through a regular line. Have I mentioned that I have a real knack for picking the s-l-o-w-e-s-t line at the store?

A little over three hours later, I get home and put the groceries away and come turn on my computer to do my daily NaBloPoMo post. And guess what? My brain was totally empty!

So when they get those implants ready, I'm going to be first in line for mine.

Unless, of course, I forget that I thought that would be a cool idea.

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Sandra said...

Remember how were were talking Friday how a purse has to have room for a notebook? This is what you have to use while we are waiting around for those implants. Oh, and those implants better have photo capability to show what we are describing!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Great idea -- I hope I look as good with my implant as this actress does with hers.

Speaking of grandchildren, that ticker is getting really close! How is your daughter feeling?

Anonymous said...

hi karlene,
cute post. i have been taking a little pad of paper and pen everywhere with me to jot down the stuff i want to write about right when it comes to me. it has been a good new habit.

come over to my blog today and see what annette won on my blog post (the first one from today). annette will be so thrilled to have won. tell your buddy congrats :)

hope your day is great and brain-full. pad of paper and pen ... good vibes to you, kathleen :)

Anonymous said...

one more thing karlene,
i can so relate to this. sometimes when i read a cool post that i like and i want to say some comment, i have to force myself to just write the comment FIRST before i read any of the other comments. why? because, so many times, i have read all the funny or weird or sweet comments, then i get over to write my witty attempt and i find i have totally lost the thought that originally compeled me to click on the comment box. so, i totally get you here doll :) kathleen