Sunday, December 02, 2007

#10 Favorite Christmas Game: Scrabble

Of course Scrabble is on my list. I'm a word person, what can I say?

Scrabble is an oldie, but goodie and comes in many variations. There's Super Scrabble, Scrabble Junior, a Champion Edition, and Scrabble Express (which IMHO is sort of a cheat game). If you really want to get tricky, you can even try Upwords and create words on top of words.

But my all time favorite is just the plain old classic Scrabble. This game is great for the whole family. As soon as your child can read and spell, they can play Scrabble. If you have younger kids, try the Scrabble Jr. or make a rule that all words have to use five letters or less.

To make it fun and a little more challenging, during the holiday season try using only words that are somehow connected to Christmas. It's hilariously funny to hear how your kids will justify words like "burp" (you drink a lot of eggnog at Christmas and that makes you burp) and "purse" (you have to carry a big purse to hold all your money when you go Christmas shopping).

Every home should have a Scrabble game.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

We love Scrabble. We even play it with our kids for school -- it's great for spelling and vocabulary.