Wednesday, December 19, 2007

#2 Favorite Christmas CD: December by George Winston

I love December so much, that I'll often listen to it starting in November and carrying on through at least April or May. There are several traditional Christmas carols on here, but also some that you wouldn't necessarily recognize as Christmasy. I've listened to other George Winston CDs, and this one is by far, the best.

Promo info: The mother of all solo instrumental albums, and with good reason. Mixing traditional carols with Pachelbel's Canon and a few originals, Winston produces a solo piano album of unparalleled—and undeniable—beauty. How can music be simultaneously stirring and soothing, relaxed yet exalted? Millions have found the answer here, and an industry has spent more than a decade trying to duplicate it. [Beats Manheim Steamroller all to heck!]

The 20th Anniversary Edition features 24-bit remastering and 15 minutes of new music, the bonus tracks "A Christmas Song" and "Sleep Baby Mine." The enhanced CD-Rom portion of the disc features sheet music to Pachelbel's Canon.

Now playing on my iPod: Joy by George Winston followed by Night

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