Friday, December 14, 2007

#5 Favorite Christmas Games: Monopoly and Clue

We have lots of board games at out house and we usually get a few new ones each year for Christmas. But when it comes down to it, most of the time you'll find us playing some variation of Monopoly or Clue. There's a reason why these two games are timeless classics. They are fun—and all but the youngest children can play them.

Since anyone who has been alive for more than 10 years knows how to play both these games, there's no reason to go into the details. I'll just mention a few of the fun variations available.

Monopoly. Here's a link to a huge list of Monopoly games, many of which have now become collector's items. (No, I didn't count them, but you can and post the number in the comments section if you want.) Many states and professional sports teams have their own version. Seems every cartoon, licensed character and popular movie has one (or more)—Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Shrek.... Coca-Cola and M&Ms have one. There's a Rudolph version for Christmastime. There's even a Mormonopoly (but really, it's just not the same. I mean, how can you fight about who's cheating or stealing money from the bank if you're playing with Faith cards and chapels and stake centers??).

In my book, the classic game is the best. But we also like the Disney (we have the 2001, but the Disney/Pixar one is good too) and Simpson's version. Here and Now wasn't as cool as I thought it would be but it's still good. Batman has a great game board and tokens. I was dissappointed in the Lord of the Rings version. Thought the artwork could have been better. (But someone must have liked them because they're running around $100-$150 for used games.)

Clue. We have the classic version, the Simpson's version, and the Harry Potter version. The HP is just a bit different from the standard game, and that makes it fun. Here is a link to the Clue game list. It's not quite as long as the one for Monopoly, but it also seems to be missing some. Also, the specialty Clue editions are a lot harder to find. There's the Disney Haunted Mansion Clue, Dungeons and Dragons Clue (another collector's item, going at $275! so if you see one at D.I., grab it up), and several Clue DVD games.

Do you have a favorite variation of these two popular games? Let me know which ones you like/don't like and why.

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(Can I just say that I am really NOT a Simpson's fan but my son is.)

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