Friday, December 07, 2007

#8 Favorite Christmas CD: New American Guitar Ensemble

I first heard this CD a million years ago when my sister and I were Christmas shopping at one of those cool boutiques that are set up in older homes with wooden floors and there are all types of unique and crafty things spread all over. The boutique was playing it as background music.

A Collection of Favourite Christmas Carols, instrumentally performed in a Delightful Manner full of Holiday Cheer by: The New American Guitar Ensemble, (yes, that is the full title) is primarily the work of Lewis Ross on an acoustic steel-stringed guitar.

Promo info: Using modern recording techniques (as of 1982), Mr. Ross has created from one to six parts for each of the pieces contained herein. Upon hearing this recording, the technical mastery of the guitar is noted and appreciated. However, what lingers the longest for the listener is the sweetness, sensitivity, and gentle good feeling of Mr. Ross's playing. Detailed notes on the origins of each of the Carols are included in the liner notes. The instruments used on this recording are a Martin 1934 000-18, a Mossman 1976 Great Plains, and a Mossman 1976 Flint Hills Custom. Revere Records is proud to offer these fine recordings in the hope that they become part of your Holiday background season after season.

If you're like me, you don't care about all that stuff (although my DH, who is a guitar freak, would be really fascinated by it). All I care about is that it sounds great. There is a simplistic feeling to the very complex mix of several classics, such as The First Noel, O Tannenbaum, Away in a Manger and many others.

It's tough to find this CD. There's one copy of it available on Amazon for $59.98! If I didn't love mine so much, I'd consider selling it. You can, however, download the individual songs from iTunes for only 99¢ each. You can also listen to them over on CD Baby. My favorite is "Bring a Torch Jeanette, Isabella."

Now playing on my iPod: The entire CD (ha!)

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