Tuesday, December 04, 2007

#9 Favorite Christmas Movie: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Disney's I'll Be Home for Christmas, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel, is a hilariously funny movie for the entire family.

Promo info:
In the spirit of the season, Disney presents the hilarious comedy adventure that celebrates the believer in all of us. Jake Wilkinson (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), a self-centered college student, has one thing on his mind -- get home for Christmas dinner or forfeit the vintage Porsche his father promised him. Just days before his deadline, Jake awakens in the California desert -- stranded and penniless, wearing a Santa suit and white beard! Desperate to claim his gift, he flies, crawls, cons, races, bullies, and even sleighs his way east. But his nonstop mission turns into a nonstop comedy of errors as a multitude of colorful and offbeat strangers look to "Santa" for help and kindness. The closer Jake gets to home, the closer he gets to the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is a trip your entire family will enjoy taking all year long!

In this entire film, the only thing that made me uneasy was they used the word "butt" once. That's pretty tame by today's standards and I was able to overlook it, especially since I may have said it once myself. A long time ago. And never in front of my children. Right.

Some of the humor and plot turns may be predictable—okay, they are predictable—but I thought it was cute, something we all could enjoy, and very, very funny. (One of the funniest parts is when Jake is stuck in the desert and this buzzard is following him. Predictable, but laughing-so-hard-your-eyes-water funny.

I liked this movie so much, I bought five copies and gave it out as Christmas gifts the year it came out.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I'll put this one on my to-be-watched list. Thanks!