Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas Hoopla

I was tagged by Tristi. I was also tagged by someone else for another meme a few weeks back. I'll do that one soon. But this is a Christmas meme and will expire in 3 days, 6 hours and 44 minutes.

Here are the rules which I copied and pasted straight from Tristi's blog:

1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas

2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word (Josi doesn't even know what the m-word is but she's trying really hard to think of all the dirty words that start with M that she's ever heard. Tristi thinks the "m" word is Meme.)

3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed...then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you -- but the more, the merrier to get this 'hoopla' circulating through the blogosphere.

4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it and I'd like to get as many people involved as possible.

My 12 things:

1. Back when I was a SAHM, I would have all my Christmas shopping done by August. I liked that.

2. My children understand the Spirit of Christmas.

3. I sort of have OCD about Christmas presents. Especially for my kids. They have to have exactly the same number of gifts, in the same sizes, and costing the same amount of money. This is hard to do, but I am very good at it.

4. My greatest fear is that someone will show up with a present for me and I won't have one for them. (This just happened to me last night at my writers group. I am trying not to obsess over it.) (Apparently I'm failing at that.)

5. It is not physically possible for me to wrap Christmas presents without having Christmas music on while I'm doing it.

6. I am tone deaf. I don't sing in front of people. It is a terrible experience for them and I like to be thoughtful. However, when I am all alone, I frequently sing Christmas songs. Occasionally I do this in July.

7. My Christmas tree lights must be turned on at dusk. It really irks me when the other people in my house neglect to do this.

8. My sister is the Champion Christmas Gift Giver of the Entire Universe.

9. At our extended family Christmas party, my mother always makes us read the Christmas story from this really lame Christmas storybook. We each have to pick a tiny nativity figurine and place it on the coffee table during the right part of the story. The part of the angel is played by a Cabbage Patch figure with bright orange braids that I think was once part of a Happy Meal. The whole thing is really cheesy and lame, and everyone groans and rolls their eyes but she makes us do it anyway.

10. This is my favorite part of the family Christmas party.

11. My favorite Christmas memory from childhood is sneakily gathering with my brother and sisters early, early Christmas morning to watch for my grandparents to come wake us up with fire crackers.

12. My favorite Christmas memory from adulthood is the one we'll be making this year—our first Christmas with grandchildren.

I tag Sandra, Suan, McKenna and Megan.


G. Parker said...

This was great! I feel the same way when someone gives me a gift that I didn't plan on! ugh, it drives me crazy. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Kenna said...

Grandma reads this blog! How rude. Well, I agree anyway on both fronts: it's totally lame and yet still my fave part of the party.

The Cabbage Patch figurine was part of SOMEONE'S Happy Meal, but not Grandma's. Someone had set it on her car in the grocery store parking lot so she kept it. Free angel!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love the part about the nativity reenactment. Thanks for playing!

Heather B. Moore said...

I also do the same number of gifts, although not the same $ amount. That would take talent :)

Have a great Christmas!