Friday, December 21, 2007

Fall Into Reading Recap

Today is the last day of the Fall Into Reading challenge hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. I got off to a great start and actually did read quite a few of the books I initially planned to read. (List here.) But some were not to my liking, so I read a few chapters and then quit. I finished 13 books. Yea! Made my goal.

I didn't get very many reviews written. In fact, only one. Between traveling and grandbabying, I just didn't make the time.

The book I liked most was Scott Westerfield's Extras. It's #4 in his Uglies "trilogy." The book I liked least...well, that would be a 4-way tie between the ones I didn't finish reading. Right now I can only remember one of them—which shows how memorable I thought they were.

Of the ones I did read, I was most disappointed in the two by Tanja Huff. This started out as a tolerable vampire series, then turned really dark. There is a fifth book in the series but I doubt I'll ever read it. The sex and the swearing were just too much for me. Plus, I didn't like the way #4 ended. Made me mad. I don't know if I've completely written her off. If someone told me she had another book that wasn't so dark and sex/swear-filled, I might give it a try.

There are two titles I took off my fall list that I may add to the Winter Challenge list: Peace Like a River and The Other Boleyn Girl. I did start reading The Other Boleyn Girl, but had to return it to the library before my trip to KY. Peace Like a River is on terminal hold. I may have to break down and buy it.

I tried several new authors—Alice Sebold, Brandon Mull, Candace Salima, Annette Lyon, K.L. Fogg. I'm looking forward to reading Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, Brandon Mull's sequel to Fablehaven. I might also try another of Annette Lyon's books—Spires of Stone wasn't too bad for a romance. (Dang! I just hate it when I have to say nice things about romances.)

What did I learn? Hmmmm. That I'm much happier when I'm reading on a regular basis.

So now that this challenge is over, it's time for the next one—hosted by me. The Winter Reading Challenge starts tomorrow (Dec. 22nd). Join me for another 12 weeks of reading fun!


Nise' said...

I was terrible this time around with reviews as well. I think I did four or so... Planning to join your winter reading challenge.

Heather B. Moore said...

You'll like SPIRES, it's not sappy like most romances :)

I just finished CHRISTMAS JARS. Interesting.

And now I'm reading KITE RUNNER, again. Couldn't get through it the first time.

alisonwonderland said...

What did I learn? Hmmmm. That I'm much happier when I'm reading on a regular basis.

gotta love that answer! :)

i'm hoping to get to Specials and Extras soon. (i loved Uglies.)

p.s. i was thinking that with all the challenges i've got lined for 2008 that your Winter Reading Challenge would be too much - but maybe i'll use it to plan out what i'm going to try to get through in the next three months.