Thursday, January 17, 2008

Did your Blogger blog crash today?

Do you get this error message when you try to go to your blog?

This blog is currently inaccessible. Blogger engineers are investigating the problem...bX-uxu3fu

If you did, then you probably had a custom template, right? Something with all new code created by someone other than Blogger, right?

I have more blogs than I care to admit to and the ones with highly customized template code that I got from (which is also down, by the way) and are inacessible.

My blogs that are based on Blogger templates but with my own added extra code lines are still fine. Pyzam templates seem to be working. I don't use any of them but some of my friends do.

I talked to a friend, who talked to a friend, who sort of knows html and css and how blogging works behind the scenes and the explanation I got is that Blogger has most likely changed some things to help block malicious code. A side effect is that it is also blocking templates coded by outside sources. Blocking the malicious code is a good thing and who knows, maybe your custom code has some of that in it. Unless html is your native language, you probably wouldn't recognize it.

Blogger may create a fix for that. Or they may not. I'm going to give them a day or two and see what happens. Not that I'm being kind and generous. I just won't have time to do anything about it until Saturday.

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Kenna said...

This is an outrage. I'll find us a solution, I promise. Right now I'm swimming through all the options alternate to blogger and I feel like I need a flashlight... it's dark in here!

altered melissa said...

seems to be fixed as of now!! yeah!! not having my blog or others to visit is lonesome... what did we do 10 yrs ago without blogs!!

Anna Maria Junus said...

This happened to me months ago. I had lovely trailing flowers on my blog. Now I'm stuck with blogger blogs which are boring.