Friday, January 11, 2008

Prize Time!

Time for another completely random Winter Reading Challenge Prize!

Chocolate for a Mother's Heart by Kay Allenbaugh. This is a very gently used copy, hardbound.

A rich, soulful celebration of motherhood, one that any woman—mother, daughter, sister, or best friend—will love. Here are more true stories that capture the essence of what it means to be a woman and that honor the unforgettable experience of mothering, from the heartwarming and hilarious to the bittersweet: a mother sending her child off to school, or down the aisle...a mother who knows just what to say and when to say it—or keep it to herself...a stand-in mom who passes for the "real thing" with flying colors...You're sure to recognize yourself—or your own mom—in the pages of this book.


1. Must be signed up for the Winter Reading Challenge 2008. (If you're not, sign up now.)

2. Must leave a comment on THIS POST in the next 24 hours. (Before January 12th, 8:15 A.M.)

3. Must live in the U.S. (Sorry.)


Holly said...

I'm signed up! And this looks like a great book. I haven't seen it yet...pick me, pick me!

eva said...

I'll sign up too! I missed the first one completely.

Kenna said...

finally someone agrees that CHOCOLATE is way better than chicken soup.