Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When it rains...

Can I just rant? Tried to call some of my real-time friends, but they're busy or gone and sometimes you just have to blow off steam, y'know?

This has just been a lousy week.

First, Megan's cell phone broke. It's insured, but there's a $75 deductible. Was I asleep when I agreed to that, or what? Luckily, she has a big sister who is a gadget geek. She just got a Blackberry (I am so jealous) and gave Meg her old phone to use for 6 months until she qualifies for a new upgrade.

Second, the vet called. My dog did not have surgery on the 8th as planned. They started prepping him, then discovered more tumors up higher on his leg. They did a biopsy instead. Turns out he's got a [something] lipoma—the kind of tumor that likes to twist its spindly little devil fingers all through the muscles and tendons. It will require radical surgery = $1500. Which we don't have. If successful, he'll be able to walk with a limp but will not have any muscle control of his toes on that paw. If we do nothing, eventually the tumor will cut off the blood supply and his leg will have to be amputated. This is so hard. We're stuck between being a creep to our dog or adding to the already massive business debt I acquired while thinking I could wait out the sales slump. (Obviously, I was wrong.) Anyone know of a rich philanthropist that would love to pay for my dog's surgery?

Third, my DH's car is in the shop. They just called. It's terminal. It would require a complete engine rebuild and other work, and for it's age (old) and mileage (lots), it would not be smart to repair it. You probably know where I'm going with this—if I couldn't afford $1500 for the dog surgery, you know I can't afford a new vehicle. Not that I'd ever buy "new" anyway. We always by used, on principle. But whatever, we're going to have to get a vehicle. Somehow.

So anyway. There's the rant. As my aunt Margie used to say, "Bad luck comes in threes." Hopefully it's over (the bad luck, not the rant because ranting is what I do best, followed very closely by my killer skillz at whining).

I don't know what we're going to do about the dog or the car. But I do know this: whatever happens, the Lord will provide. Somehow. He always does—either by providing healing and resources, or giving comfort and strength during our grief and struggle.

But if it's all the same to Him, I think I'd like to experience the trial of prosperity now, please.

Now playing on my iPod: Bring on the Rain by Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw (you really do have to listen to this song)


Stephanie Humphreys said...

I often wish for the trial of prosperity. So far no luck. Hope everything works out for you.

Jen said...

"When it rains" is right! Sorry you are going through all this at once.

Holly said...

Rant away. I think you deserve it! I wish I had a great profound thought for you, but I don't. Sometimes life just hits you all at once and it really pours. I'm sorry this is happening all at once.

Sandra said...

1. your visiting teacher should come by so you can rant to her.

2. I remember you telling me that you don't like country music and you seem to have a lot of it playing on your iPod lately

3. Utah Auto Sales. Ask for Kevin Gallegher (the owner) tell him you are my friend (jessica's mom) he'll get you a great deal that you can afford

ali said...

Aww Karlene. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Hugs to you!

Tristi Pinkston said...

This really stinks -- here's sending positive vibes your way.

Sometimes I really hate the fact that we have to use money for everything.

G. Parker said...

Don't we all wish we lived in the future world of Star Trek where no one uses money? grin.
Seriously -- the dog is hard. My brother just put the family dog down before Christmas because it was just in too much pain. I'm afraid that my opinion is put the poor thing to sleep. I know you could probably extend his life with surgery, but who can afford it? Which is more necessary, food and shelter, or a dog? I know there are several who would say the DOG! sigh. It comes across as crass, but there it is. Good luck with everything, I know it's tough.

Annette Lyon said...

Ugh. No advice, but I'm sorry it's raining so hard right now. :(