Monday, January 07, 2008

Writer's Conferences

My cyber-friend, Marsha Ward, asked if I'd announce a writing conference. I'm happy to help her out.

ANWA Writers Conference
March 1, 2008 in Gilbert, AZ
Presenters include:
Kathryn B. Jenkins, Managing Editor, Covenant Communications, Inc.
Kerry Blair, Heather Madder, Tristi Pinkston, Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis

I don't live in Arizona, so I won't be going, but if I did, I would.

A conference that I will be attending is LDStorymakers, held March 21 & 22nd, in Sandy, UT. They haven't announced their presenters yet, but when I went a few years ago, I was very impressed.


Marsha Ward said...

Thank you, Karlene!

Actually, the LDStorymakers' class presenters are up, buried within the schedule. I know, 'cause I put it up last week. :-)

Ajoy said...

Oh, my goodness! Thanks for posting this. I had no idea about the conference in Gilbert on march 1st. :) I live in Phoenix!!!

I hope to attend the LDStorymakers conference the end of March as well. I look forward to meeting you, Karlene. :)

Good luck with the BIAM #2 and with feeling better. I hate having a cold and I haven't had one this season so far. {knock on wood}