Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bowing to the Absurd

My 11 days are up and I saw the doctor today. After waiting 1 1/2 hours. We're tapering off the old and onto the new and hopefully I will be feeling better soon.

But we spent less time dealing with the fact of depression than we did with the fact that I'm sick. Sunday morning I pulled a muscle in my back and Sunday afternoon I started a cold. (I have a friend who says the two are related but...) These are my symptoms: headache, congestion so bad my teeth hurt, itchy ears, sore throat, cough, simultaneous stuffy and runny nose, feeling like I have a fever, but it doesn't show up on a thermometer, and basically just feeling lousy all over. The back ache and the sore throat have been getting a little better, but the other symptoms are staying constant.

I didn't go to the doctor any sooner because I thought I had a cold—and who bothers to go to the doctor for a cold. Turns out, I have the flu, a sinus infection, a bladder infection, and strep.

So nice man that he is, the doctor gave me a bunch of freebies, then sent me to my local Walgreen's to get the rest. (One of which my insurance won't pay unless the doctor gets pre-authorization and they can be sure it's medically necessary. Excuse me. But isn't the written prescription a sign that it's medically necessary?)

Now I'm home and going back to bed because this has been a miserable week. I even had to cancel "Grandma Day" with my two little cuties this week.

In fact, the only good thing of this week? Walgreen's, where I went to get my drugs, had Sugar Free Peeps! I've been having my husband and daughter searching for them all over town to no avail. I almost ordered them online last night but the shipping was just too high. (This is the best price I've found for them.) I'm soooo glad I didn't because not only did Walgreen's have a whole slew of them but they were only 99¢. I will post a full product review as soon as I regain my sense of smell.


Becky said...

I hope you feel better soon :)

megan said...

=( I hate it when you're sick. I just want to give you a hug and make you feel better. Too bad you're in quarantine. Yay Peeps!

Sandra said...

I hate insurance companies, but what are you going to do?
I'll try and make a big pot of soup this weekend and drop some off over there. But Megan will have to answer the door so we don't share germs ;) Love you.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm sorry that you're sick, but glad you were able to get the meds going again. Now, on the peeps, I'm not sure if I am or am not happy for you. I hate those things. If you like them, though, I'll try to be happy for you.

Suan said...

i hope you are feeling better now that the meds are pumping through your veins.... we survived the flu of 2008 and are finally back to the land of the living.... as for the peeps....

i would not eat them in a box
i would not eat with a fox
i would not eat them in a car
i would not eat them here or there i would not eat them anywhere!

but you go ahead and enjoy them
you can gobble up my share too :)

Rebecca Talley said...

I hope you get better very soon.

I'm with Tristi and Suan on the peeps.

Anonymous said...

this is one time I am glad we are long distance with you and Suan so sick, least you don't have the poops, oh sorry, you will if you have all those sugar free peeps