Monday, February 04, 2008

The Hinckley Challenge

I decided to do the Hinckley Challenge—to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days (in honor of Pres. Hinckley being 97 years old when he passed away. I'm explaining this because it took me two days to figure it out.)

I am starting today and I need to read 5 1/2 pages per day to finish by May 10th. I did the 30 day challenge two years ago, I think I can handle the 97 day challenge—even with all the Whitney reading I'm doing right now (see sidebar).

I'm #16322 to sign up. In the two minutes it took me to sign up and then click on the Warriors Accepting the Challenge link, 119 additional people had signed up. Cool.

02/05/08 (9:20 a.m.) Update: I went to the website to update my page count. Apparently they don't count the introductory pages, which is what I read today. It doesn't start counting until you get to the numbered pages.

Also, there are now 3,000 more participants since I signed up last night. It's currently at 19376, 19386, 19398, ... it adds more with every refresh. That is so cool!


Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

I started doing the Book of Mormon in 30 days, but am actually doing it every other day, but 11 chapters on those days. I thought about doing the Hinckley challenge, but I am already in Alma. Maybe I'll just start where I am.

Julie Wright said...

we're doing the challenge as a family. But we're going to go slow enough to keep the kids attention and to explain things. It should be fun :)