Monday, March 31, 2008

BIAM Challenge Starting Tomorrow

I'm doing TWO Book in a Month Challenges for April—one with and the other with Tristi's Challenges. (Don't get excited. I'm using the same word counts for both challenges.)

The purpose of these BIAMs is to write as much and as fast as you can on your Work-In-Progress (WIP). You don't do much editing. You're just trying to get the first draft down.

I'll be working on a middle grade fantasy about a girl and a unicorn. I have a pretty clear outline to work with—although sometimes these characters develop a mind of their own and just take off without you.

My "stated" goal is 1,000 words per day, but I'm hoping to hit closer to 2,500 words. (I just hate failing, so I'm officially going conservative.) I'll be writing M, T, Th, F & S. I'll track my word count over in the sidebar and post an update here every once in awhile.

Megan is doing the BIAM at with me. Or rather, I'm doing it with her. She wanted to do a Creative Writing internship for her last term of high school. They didn't have one, so she had to make it up. This BIAM is a big part of it because they want her to interact with other authors.

Both of these BIAMs are still open for participants. I'd love to have you JOIN US. The BIAM at is set up in a forum format and we're going on a virtual author tour, "visiting" 26 popular authors in three countries. To join this one, register here. Then go here and PM me with your user name and I'll get you added to the group.

To join Tristi's Challenge, go here and post a comment.


Tristi Pinkston said...

So, why can't I be excited? I'm plenty excited!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey! How did you get two sidebars, side by side? That's pretty wild!

Annette Lyon said...
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Annette Lyon said...

I've never managed to be in drafting stage when these things hit. One of these days I'll have to participate. For now, I'll stand by and be a cheerleader while I work on my own revisions for one book and then research for another. Keep us updated!

Karlene said...

I found pretty good instructions for the 3 column templates here. It took me a bit of jiggling to get it to work because I'd messed with some numbers already to make my template wider than usual. But once I found my mistake, it worked easy as pie.

Julie Wright said...

i wish I could join in this, but life seems to always be spiraling when BIAM challenges are going on. Ah well. Your comment on Annette's blog about the retinal scan made me laugh out loud. You're so funny!!!