Thursday, March 27, 2008

How do you know you're you?

OH HAI i has been catching sum rayz!

As any visitor to this blog knows, I've been severely off-kilter for several long months now. However, I'm getting my feet back under me and feeling more like myself.

I was thinking about that this morning and wondering, what exactly it is that lets me know that I'm getting back to myself. What are the clues that I'm becoming more "me"?

I used to think it was if I showered and dressed each day, or made my bed, did some housework, remembered to cook dinner, . . . but those are not a true indicators because I can spend 48 hours in the same pair of p.j.s when I'm madly working on a project I'm excited about! And housework, dinner? I've always got a reason to put that off for later.

After a full 5 minutes of very deep thought, I came up with the following things that let me know I'm back on my way to a healthy me:
  • I not only take my medicine every day, I also take various vitamins and herbal supplements. With a smile. Because I want to. And I also want to go for walks. (Took the grandbabies out for a stroll yesterday in the double-stroller Cadillac I found at D.I. for $15. It took me 20 minutes to go around the block, which is normally an 8 minute walk for me, but I'm still recovering. I'm proud.)

  • I wake in the morning remembering having dreamed. Last Wednesday I dreamed that Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was helping me do my Christmas shopping. (When I told Megan, she asked, "Was it regular Spike or chipped Spike?" totally missing the point that I HAD DREAMED!) I've dreamed every night since then.

  • I have more business plans and/or novel ideas running around in my head than I could ever complete in several lifetimes. I have to jump out of the shower once or twice a week to jot down an idea. Tuesday, it was Dharma and Greg set just before King Noah comes to power; today it was a new publishing company.

  • Car dancing. Obvious enough to make passing traffic slow down and stare. I car danced all the way to Friday's LDStorymakers Conference. (Ask Megan. She can confirm.)

  • Computer dancing. I get a song stuck in my head and dance while I'm typing. It looks really goofy but it seems to help me type better.

So. . . how do you know you're you? What quirky little things do you do that let you know you are feeling uniquely yourself?


Kenna said...

When my eyes are green, I know I'm me. When they turn blue, I know it's really just the alien using my body.

megan said...

Okay, just for the record, I did not miss the point that you had dreamed. I didn't realize you hadn't been dreaming.

And yes, she really did car dance. It was awesome! Made me so happy to see you feeling more like yourself! :)

I know I'm me when I find it difficult to stop laughing or smiling. When I have to force a smile, I know Kenna's alien jumped over to use my body. Then I kick him out and laugh and say, "Stay out of my biznack!" Ha.

Suan said...

hey, i remember the double strollers. those are really hard to push...kudos to you :)
i am sooooooo glad you are feeling better. i'm not sure what makes me
uniquely me... i will have to think about that...

Michelle said...

I am dressed, hair curled, actually writing and editing w/o feeling tremendous stress or disdain for my work. I know I'm feeling better. (I love my supplements.)


Liosis said...

I know I'm me because if you ask I will excitedly try to convince you that I'm not. Sarcasm and sophistry own my soul I believe.