Saturday, March 01, 2008

I need a keeper

I am still sick. :( It is just amazing to me how much snot one nose can produce! I would be fascinated by that if it weren't my own nose doing it.

I've been a little concerned about how slowly I seem to be recovering. I've been on antibiotics for over a week now, and while I am feeling some better, I'm still sick. My daughter, who got the same thing at the same time I did, is almost completely recovered. But me? I'm still spending most of my day in bed going through a box of Kleenex every 24 hours.

This morning, I discovered why. I was supposed to be taking two pills twice a day, and I've only been taking one twice a day. I thought it was odd that I was on 20 days of antibiotics, instead of the usual 10.



Sandra said...

Oh I am so sorry. I did a double take when I saw that written on both Trevor and Brandi's prescriptions.

on a side note, did you know that Kyle Carlisle died?

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Karlene!


Annette Lyon said...

Ick, ick, ick. This has been a particularly nasty winter for illness, it seems like.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hang in there, Karlene -- spring is coming soon!

Julie Wright said...

i hate being sick. I've been staving off a cold for over a month now, where I sniffle and sneeze but it never culminates to a full blown cold. I am soooo sorry you're under the weather. Feel better soon and know I am sending chicken soup thoughts your way.