Thursday, April 10, 2008

If you like magazines...

Consider subscribing to or renewing them in support of my daughter Megan's lacrosse team.

Here's the story. This is Megan's third year playing lacrosse. Her first two years, she had to play with a team three towns away because there was no girls lacrosse team in our town. It meant a LOT of driving back and forth for us but we did it because she really loves the game.

This year, she had the option of playing with the team she's been on for two years (which is based at a school in an upper class neighborhood, up on the benches), or she could start a team at her high school (middle class). She knew if she started a team here, it would be an uphill battle because there was no school support for it, they would have beginning players (which means they would probably lose more games than they won), and they'd have to raise a boatload of money for uniforms, goals, and other team needs.

A few of Megan's friends at her high school agreed it might be fun so she pretty much single-handedly corralled girls, bullied school authorities, and swept up parents with her enthusiasm and got this team off the ground.

The season is a little more than half over. They've raised enough money to cover the bare necessities of uniforms, registration, and equipment but they still need to raise money to pay their coaches. So being the supportive mother, I'm trying to help spread the word.

If you read magazines, we hope you will help support our team by ordering or renewing your favorite magazine subscriptions ONLINE and sharing our site with your friends and relatives. Our online fundraising store has over 650 of the most popular magazine titles at up to 85% off newsstands prices. Purchase or renew your favorite magazine subscriptions and 40% of your purchase will go directly to our cause!

With your help, we are sure to earn the funds we need this year! We appreciate your support.

Thanks so much.

The Management


Candace E. Salima said...

Karlene, I'll spread the word!

Thanks so much for hosting our Blogger-Babe lunch yesterday. We had so much fun and Alvin loves his signature cologne.

I will also spread the word for Megan. I'll blog about it tomorrow. Just copy and paste yours!

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Rebecca Talley said...

Wow, your daughter is amazing. How cool she did all of that for something she loves so much. I'm sure you're a very proud mama.

Erika said...

I didn't know that Megan started the team there...that's awesome. I'll have to go check out the magazines available. I don't currently have any subscriptions.

About the books, I fixed the link now so it should work...thanks for asking! Shipping is $5 or 8% of the retail, whichever is greater and they will be shipped directly to your house. I don't know if you've ever shopped through them before but they have some fun stuff.