Monday, April 07, 2008

J. Scott Savage Blog Tour Coming This Summer!

If you've read anything I've said about books in the history of this blog, you already know I'm a sci-fi/fantasy fan. In fact, given my druthers, that's all I'd read—and I'd read every waking moment. When I have the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors, I become every bit the stereotypical groupie—stalking them for photo opps and book signings, picking up stray bits of paper and lint that drop from their pockets, breaking into their homes—oh wait, I've never broken into anyone's home. Never, officer. I promise. I was just trying to polish up that doorknob for my dear friend. . .

One of my favorite LDS authors is Jeff Savage. He has previously published some great suspense novels (House of Secrets and Dead on Arrival). I've read both and give them very high marks for entertainment and suspense.

Now, even though I've said on the internet that I really hate Jeff Savage because I've been cliff-hanging for two years now, and that I was mad at him for moving on to a new series before resolving Shandra Covington's situation, I have decided to forgive him because his new book, Farworld, is coming out this summer—and it's fantasy! I have very high expectations of loving of this book.

One of the things Savage is doing to promote his new book is a blog tour and he's looking for bloggers. I know that many of you who visit my blog love books and reading and frequently post reviews on your blog. If you'd be interested in participating in his blog tour this summer, you can sign up this Friday, April 11th. Instructions are at his blog. (And tell him, Karlene sent you.)

If you're interested in the book, but don't really want to do the whole bloggy thing, I'll be doing a fun giveaway when it's my turn in the tour. I'll post a review of the book and also an interview with the great Savage himself. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask J. Scott Savage, about his book or about writing or publishing or child rearing or plumbing or just life in general, let me know.

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